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December 1994



1) Election '94
Common Law Courts
Godly Justice or Judgment

Election '94


The 94 elections are over and Christians should look around and take stock of the events that took place in November 94. The "Republican tidal wave that swept the nation" [Indpls Star, Nov. 9, 941 will be talked about for some time to come, especially "Talk Show" hosts. This essay, therefore, attempts to place the whole situation into a Christian perspective.

The 94 elections thankfully saw great numbers of Christians involved in the "political process." Under our form of government, such action is a Christian's duty and responsibility before God, for every area of life and thought must be brought under the subjection to Christ. It has been the restriction of Christian involvement into the area of "personal piety" that has permitted the ungodly to dominate society, including civil government. In other words, the last century, with few exceptions, saw Christianity reduced to little more than prayer, Bible study, "soul- winning," church attendance and tithing; it saw little or no practical application of the precepts of God's Word into society in general, e.g. welfare, science, education, medicine, government, &c. We thankfully are seeing a return to Christian involvement in these areas one at a time, e.g. Home Schools. The Lord is obviously using the deteriorating social structure resulting from the lack of Christian involvement to force Christians to abandon their indifference and reclaim these areas according to the Word of God.

The anger and wrath generated by the unGodly, even some professed Christians, against conservative Christian involvement in the political process is something to behold: The double standard is obvious as praise goes to "liberal Christian" involvement supporting the NWO social agenda of the unGodly, e.g. "Rev." Jessie Jackson, and the openly wicked, e.g. sodomites, NOW, &c., for their involvement. When the wicked are involved, they are praised as exercising their "freedom of speech," but when Bible believing Christians are involved, they are condemned for mixing "Church and State."

Thus we must commend the refreshing breeze of Christian involvement in the political process; maybe God did not bless the Christian involvement as we prayed and hoped for, but our prayer is that any defeats suffered will not discourage future Christian involvement.

As a parenthesis, let us consider for a moment "Talk Radio." Because the vast majority of "Talk Radio" is decidedly conservative, no doubt it had an important impact upon the recent elections. Some "Talk Shows" do not screen the callers as closely as others, so Biblical views come through at times. Though I have not much time to listen, I have heard enough to know that when Christian perspectives are presented, the host(s) normally either cuts the caller off or venomously or mockingly down-plays any Christian notion after he lets the caller have his say. We would be foolish to think the recent elections reflected any significant shift to Biblical, Christian, Godly Conservatism. Rather, conservatism was/is seen as a political option to the liberal humanist destruction of our social order. The conservatives now in "control" are still humanists, and will continue to spell relief, P-0-L-I-T-I-C-A-L A-C-T-I-0-N, i.e. peace and prosperity by legislative action. The cartoon which we ran some time ago best describes the situation we face. It is rerun on this mailing.

Let us, though, keep our eyes upon the reality of the situation: We must remember the purpose of political action is to retain freedom to evangelize, preach and teach the whole counsel of God. True freedom comes from preaching the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, Holy Spirit conviction, conversion of sinners, and teaching the converts to Christ how to apply the Gospel of Christ into every area of though and life in their surrounding society, Jer 2:14-19. In other words, we MUST remember that true freedom is a result of genuine preaching of the Gospel; true freedom DOES NOT result from political action. Thus Rom 13:3 can be read: Christian rulers are not a terror to good works, but to evil; but Non Christian rulers are expected to be a terror to good works, not to evil. The terror of rulers to good works is God's way of dealing with His people for not applying Biblical faith into society, especially into the office of "rulers" and civil government in general.

Consequently, Christian involvement as civil rulers results in evil being restrained and good being praised. While evil is being restrained, the total of God's Word must be proclaimed and men converted, evangelicalism; if the gospel is not proclaimed and God's Word taught, the reprieve from evil is misused, and God will exalt evil men to again praise evil and oppress good. The following article well illustrates what we are attempting to say:

... Since the War Powers Act of 1933, our presidents have committed, at their whim and often without Congressional approval our financial and human resources to be used, by the United Nations. We must regain control of our runaway federal government.

There is a solution: the Refounding Amendment. It not only provides the solution, but it will do the job while preventing anarchy and the destruction of our land and our society. In fact, it will completely restore our nation to health and freedom. It will refound our nation under the original plan of our Founding Fathers. The Refounding Amendment, along with "we the people", will forever stand guard over our property and our unalienable rights and liberties. We will once again be a free, prosperous people; one nation under God with liberty and justice for all...

... After the Refounding Amendment is passed, all American men and women will finally be free...

So, how will we get the Refounding Amendment to become the law of the land? We first begin with the mandate and mandate petition. This will be the same in every state. First everyone must understand what a mandate is. A mandate is an order. We the people are the ultimate authority in America. Our unified voices and our will is the ultimate power and authority in this land... [vox populi, vox dei, the voice of the people is the voice of God, ed.]

There are many other benefits from the Refounding Amendment. The amendment redefines citizenship; establishes equality and justice under the law, rotects property rights; preserves sovereignty and ensures honesty; establishes a constitutional monetary system; corrects the sins of the past; and establishes a national Constitutional election. We will never again allow our sovereignty as a nation to be usurped by any treaty or agreement with a foreign land. Our soldiers will never again fight and die in other peoples' wars. Our children will be taught truth in schools and redevelop a moral foundation. The media will become much freer and more open. The vitality of our economy will sky rocket... [The Refounding Amendment Is It Time To Act? By Michael Silverhawk, Media Bypass Magazine, pp 28-29. In using some points from this article, we are not discouraging those who might subscribe to Media Bypass; in fact we would encourage its use by people concerned about honesty not only in the media, but in society in general. 1-8004-BYPASS ]

We are not herein disagreeing with any desire to return to the basic foundation of this nation, the Constitution: we are, though, saying that attempts to return to a man made document, e.g. the Constitution, without returning to the Christian spirit making the document possible, e.g. Biblical faith, will be resisted by God. Observe:

First, the runaway federal government is a result of the runaway Christianity that refuses to glorify God as God, i.e. the final authority, over every area of life, 1 Sam 8 & Rom 1:2 1. Therefore, the only possible control of the federal government is through individual self control under God resulting from Godly repentance Find conversion, salvation. The sins of the past must be repented of and conversion from the love of those sins be accomplished, viz personal, individual salvation.

Second, freedom and prosperity results not from an art of law nor from an amendment to the laws of any land, e.g a new, improved Constitution; rather, freedom and prosperity is an act of God in response to Godliness, repentance and Godly action of the people, John 8:32, &c. Freedom, prosperity and, yes, even Godly action cannot be legislated; these things must be a result of the Spirit's work in the heart.

Third, genuine, Godly freedom cannot be mandated apart from a sound Biblical Christian consensus from the heart of the people of the nation; without that Christian mandate based upon the total of God's Word, the unGodly situations will soon return, even return with a renewed vengeance against Godliness.

The responsibility the state is not to control evil, but to control man: there will either be freedom for the Godly or freedom for the unGodly ; we cannot have both. Humanistic freedom is freedom to be one's own god.

Fourth, citizenship is abused; equality, justice and honesty depart from the land; private property is not only claimed, but confiscated by the unGodly state through taxes and "legal plunder;" sovereignty is forfeited; the monetary system is corrupted; elections are sold to the highest bidder, bidding from the treasury; national sovereignty is given to foreign nations, e.g. GATT; young men die in foreign lands at the whim of evil men; Christian parents pay to have their children taught humanism lies over the TRUTH, the Word of God; the lies of the media prosper, and the world moves toward world-wide socialism, the New World Order, all these things take place for one reason, AND THAT REASON IS NOT BECAUSE OF ANY DEPARTURE FROM THE CONSTITUTION.

The Word of the Lord is extremely clear on the matter, and either man or God is the liar, Gal 6:7, 8, Cf Deut 28. Just as sure as the gun rises in the East, the Lord not only exalts oppressive, evil men, including bankers, lawyers and magistrates, who will be a terror to good, not to evil, but He rejoices as His people are destroyed by the evil persons, Deut 28:63. The Lord clearly spells out the reason He exalts evil rulers and rejoices in His people's destruction, Deut 28:45.(Yoke of iron placed by Bankers, UN, BAFT, FED, &c?)

Thus Rom 13:3 can be read: Christian rulers are not a terror to good works, but to evil; but Non Christian rulers are expected to be a terror to good works, not to evil. The terror of rulers to good works is God's way of dealing with His people for not applying their faith into society, particularly into the office of "rulers;" the terror of rulers to good works is God's way of dealing with His people for depending upon the arm and might of the flesh, viz. depending upon what appears to be right rather than upon thus saith the Lord

Certainly, man has the free will to chose not to believe the whole of God's Word, but man does not have the free will to avoid the Godly results of not believing the whole counsel of God: all one needs do is look around himself to see the Godly effects coming to pass in society. We say "Godly effects" because what is obviously taking place in society is according to the promises of God to His people who go after other gods to serve them, Deut 28:14.

Though Christians may reclaim some freedom through political action, we must remember, FREEDOM IS NOT THE RESULT OF POLITICAL ACTION. What little freedom might be reclaimed must be used to proclaim the Gospel of Freedom to the world, starting with the surrounding communities, or the Lord Himself will move against His people,,Ter 5:31; 6:10, &c.:

John 8-31 32 Then said Jesus to those Jews which believed on him: if they continue in my word, then are ye my disciples indeed;- And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.

Individual freedom is freedom from individual bondage to sin; therefore, bondage by evil men is simply God's answer to man's willful bondage to sin when he rejects the True Freedom, Christ. Why, therefore, do false hopes in political action spring eternal when the Word of God addresses the evil men situation so clearly? There are several readily apparent reasons:

First, political action requires no spiritual renewal nor death to the desires to the flesh: the adulterer, fornicator, sodomite and excessive drinker of "adult beverages" can take "conservative political action" and be praised by even Christians. One can continue political action without having to confront himself nor his neighbour with the need for the Godly humility, repentance and conversion hated so much by the flesh

Second, much Christian involvement in political action is no doubt because a false gospel has been preached. Social change must come from not only preaching the gospel of the death, burial and resurrection, but from the total of God's Word as commanded in both Testaments, Mat 28:19, 20. Christ came not to do away with Moses, but to restore fallen man through His inworking Holy Spirit to the place he would have the desire and ability to do God's total Word and thus inherit the blessings of peace, freedom and prosperity, 2 Co 5:17; Ga 6:15; Ph 2:13; Ma 5:13., Rom 13:14.

There can be no social change toward Godliness and justice without conversion in salvation and attitude, for the antinomian heart must be converted; only the indwelling Spirit can rejoice in the law of the Lord Psalms 19:7.

Third, the "lawless gospel," which leaves the heart unconverted in its attitude toward the law of the Lord, was preached, but obviously, no social change resulted toward Godliness though multitudes responded in local churches. (Lawless authorities are God's agents against lawless preaching, Jer 13:10-14.) Therefore, many Christians, seeing the lack of Godly social change from the preaching of the "lawless gospel," gave up trying to "win the world" for Christ which alone can bring about true world-wide freedom (see Isa 63-66, &c.). Their reaction was not returning to teaching all things commanded of God's people and letting God move over an extended period of time; rather, they attempt to obtain freedom through the arm of the flesh, political action; they attempt to do with political action what only the preaching of the whole counsel of God can do, Zech 4:6. But dependance upon political action to do what only humility, repentance, conversion and teaching of the total Word of God can do only makes matters worse, Jer 17:5.

Jer 11:8-10 strongly implies that the real conspiracy is the conspiracy to replace Godly humility, repentance, conversion and teaching with "political action" as the means of stopping evil men in high places from replacing good with evil.

Over the past several years, we have been deeply involved locally in "political action." In our involvement, we have notice some things: 1) the wicked do not get upset with the modern version of the gospel, e.g. they do not attempt to zone most churches out of existence, and 2) the world will applaud preachers with front page coverage when they speak "politically correct" on issues of the day. But let a Christian who believes God's Word must be applied to public policy, and the real "hatemongers" come out of the closet, and they are not the ones trying to bring the Word of God to bear on civil matters.

A candidate for a county office sat in my office before the 1992 elections and said, "'Concerned Citizens,'" a name we pulled out of the air for a non-membership citizen's group started in 83 to deal with local issues when other pastors would not help, "has gone as far as it can go under the leadership of a pastor." Since then, this pastor has stepped way back and others have "led the charge." The main target of the local Republican Party in the recent election was not the Democrats, but the "Concerned Citizens." In fact, the Republicans and Democrats found common grounds as they both stood against what they perceived as a threat from the "Concerned Citizens" and ran an "Independent" candidate for the office they feared would fall to a "Concerned Citizen."

The point is that people will gladly identity with and support those trying to bring about social change through political involvement, but many times the same people will have noting to do with those they think might try to deal with the same issues from a Biblical perspective. The media pointed out that Oliver North lost in Virginia though the state is the home of several politically active Christian groups. Thus to them, Christian political action was a "paper tiger." From our experience locally, we would speculate that North was too closely connected with the Christian Right, and people were fearful of what a "Christian" might do in office. People want a "conservative," but they want one who will not condemn drunkenness, adultery, and personal debauchery of many kinds: "As long as I harm no one but myself." In other words, a "conservative" fornicator more often than not stands a better chance at the polls than an openly "conservative" Christian.

Moreover, many "Christians" who proclaim loudly they are for a "Christian" social order as they pursue political action see little or no need for Godly evangelism, humility, repentance, conversion and instruction of the converts. Is not such an attitude dependance upon the arm of the flesh in its attempts to reinstate freedom through political action?

Personally, this pastor is "politically" involved because he sees any resulting superficial freedom from political action as freedom to continue efforts to evangelize and train people so true freedom can prevail.

Fourth, the world becomes very hostile over Christian involvement into politics, eg. media condemnation against the "Christian Collation." We have found locally that the hostility is primarily from those in power against any "grass roots" movement that challenges their power, be it Christian or Non- Christian. The voters, though, seem at this point in time to prefer Non-Christian, conservative rulers who will upset those who misuse the power at the top, e.g. Foley. Scripturally, Non- Christian, conservative leaders are not free; therefore, they have no freedom to offer those under their authority.


Christians are required by God to be involved in even political action and Godly civil rule, for political action is part of life. But win, lose or draw, Godly Christians must remember that true freedom, liberty, justice and prosperity cannot come from political action. The hope of America, and thus the "Free World," lies in preaching and teaching the total Word of God.

The power of God to destroy the wisdom of this world and to bring about Godly social conditions with true freedom is found in the preaching of the gospel of Christ and in teaching the converts to obey ALL commanded us by the Word of God; the power bringing about Godly social change is not found in political action:

Mat 28:19, 20 Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo, I am with you alway, [even unto the end of the world. Amen. (See also Mk 16:15 & Lk 24:44-49.) 1 Cor 1:18, 19 For the preaching of the cross is to them that perish foolishness; but unto us which are saved it is the power of God. For it is written, I will destroy the wisdom of the wise, and will bring to nothing the understanding of Me prudent

Political action? Certainly! Is not the civil government a big part of life? But can political action fulfill its promise of a better life, freedom, justice, promotion of the general welfare of the people, &c. Clearly and emphatically NO!

If political action is sought as a replacement for Godly action and obedience to every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God, Jeremiah's words to Zedikiah clearly apply, and thou shalt cause this city to be burned with fire, 38:23. The society that depends upon political action to obtain what only Godly action can obtain gets what it deserves when oppressive men are placed in authority.


Common Law Courts

It is certainly commendable when two disagreeing parties agree upon a common third party, e.g. "Common Law Court," to settle their differences. The agreement to abide by such a court is between the parties involved. Before looking at the "pros" and "cons" of such a "Court" note the following as reported in the Bozeman Daily Chronicle [3/20/941:

Miles City (AP) - The Garfield County attorney says he is preparing charges against some county residents who have appointed themselves as vigilante law officers and are allegedly threatening to kidnap and hang the sheriff, judge and county attorney.

The self-styled "freemen" of Garfield County have offered a bounty of $1 million on Sheriff Charles Phips; District Judge Kenneth Wilson; County Attorney Nickolas Murnion; and lawyers and officials of the Farm Credit Bank of Spokane.

Evidently, the disagreement stems from the Farm Credit Bank's foreclosure signed by Wilson and served by Phipps against a local rancher with neither warning nor trial for the rancher.

Stanton [one of the group listed on the bounty notice as the group's "constable"), reached by The Associated Press on Friday, said he told Phipps he would be hung if convicted by a common-law jury. He said such a jury would act under the authority of the people of Garfield County. But when asked how the people gave that authority, he hung up.

We would probably have to admit that the ones mentioned by the "bounty notice" acted in a clearly unconstitutional manner, and if genuine justice was in Garfield County, all those named would be found guilty by the ELECTED JUDICIAL SYSTEM of acting unlawfully against the rancher, and the rancher vindicated. But the guilt or innocence of the ones named is not the issue. The issue is the court and its claim to act "under the authority of the people of Garfield County." The question, " did the people give that authority," was very legitimate. Who has the authority of the people?

We found it impossible in our local area to find honest people to challenge the present office holders who would be true to the oath of office and uphold the State and U.S. Constitutions; both the incumbent Judge and incumbent County Attorney ran in the primaries and general elections unopposed. Furthermore, among the many Sheriffs candidates, not one understood the issues at hand, i.e. unconstitutional usurpation of power by people in authority. Therefore, it is the elected Judge, County Attorney and Sheriff who are acting "under the authority of the people," and that authority was given at the ballot box.

We must commend all parties involved when they agree to abide by the "ruling" of a "Common Law Court," but the local county courts are the representatives of the people, and those courts are corrupt because there are not enough people willing to pay the price to reinstate justice in those courts. It takes money to inform the people as to what is taking place in their courts because normally the local media will not; it takes agreat deal of time and money to run for those offices which are to represent justice in local communities, and it seems that extremely few people are willing to invest the vast amounts of time, money and abilities to reclaim justice for their community.

Though we have no idea of the background of Garfield County, local experiences permit us to assume: 1) the rancher has been so busy over the past years that he had neither time nor money to invest to assure genuine Constitutional justice in the county; 2) those involved in the It Common Law Court" have been likewise consumed with making a living; 3) the Constitution provides the answer for regaining justice; 4) the result of years of indifference, i.e. unjust men well entrenched in places of authority, is coming to pass, and 5) inexpensive short cuts are very appealing.

Does not the "Common Law Court" appear to be seeking an inexpensive short-cut to recover the justice lost over years of indifference? In other words, injustice from the county, state and national level results from good people failing to be involved in the constitutionally established process given to retain justice, viz. good men who will uphold justice pay the price and ran for offices that represent justice. Maybe one cannot run for office, but he can help finance or knock on doors for good men who might run.

"But Bro. Need, don't you realize there are two United States, and we are voting for the corporate leader of Washington D.C.? Therefore, I am out of it, and do not vote." Our response must be that the means is at our disposal to reinstate the Constitution: supporting with time and finances good people who will uphold their oath of office in every area.

The results of decades of indifference and withdrawal are coming to pass, viz. injustice in every realm. The answer is provided by the Constitution and is equally long range, viz. involvement with time, money and abilities by many good people to reclaim those areas for Godly Constitutional justice.

Godly Justice Or Judgment


Not being involved with strong "Patriot" groups, basi c ally, this pastor's only contact with such groups has been a few people and some material. Because of the tone of our material, we receive quite a bit of "Patriot" information from several sources. Thus we realize these are not consistently reliable sources from which to draw sound conclusions. The following, obviously, is assumed from the material received.

We have no choice but to accept things at face value, i.e. according to words on the paper. Not being trained in "Whole Language," this pastor assumes that people say what they mean and their publications accurately reflect their beliefs, thoughts and characters, for out of the heart the mouth speaketh and the ink flows, Mt 12:34. If we believe an author's printed words are out of line with his character, we should contact him before changing our opinion of his character. This pastor, as do other writers, tries to review his words thoroughly to be sure they accurately reflect his meaning. We are, therefore, grateful for those who contact us to clarify confusing points.] Obviously, the following deals with civil and moral justice, not with justice before the Father through Jesus Christ the Lord obtained only through faith in the finished work of Christ.

Let it also be understood that the following is not meant to downplay the importance of the U.S. Constitution; but it is certainly meant to exalt the Word of God over the U.S. Constitution, and to point out the false hope offered by those who would exalt the Constitution over Scripture.

On a "flier" promoting a "Common Law Court" [Common Law Court, C/O 2318 West Ivy St., Tampa, Florida] are found these central statements upon which the rest of the material is built: "FREEDOM with the Stroke of a Pen" & "Citizens Alert THIS IS THE ANSWER." The material promises civil justice through a proposed "Common Law Court," and proceeds to explain that the basis of the Court is the Constitution and volunteer "PUBLIC PARTICIPATION." Qualifications for participation are given:

Constitutional Common Law Militia




I Do Solemnly Affirm to Support Preserve, Protect, Defend, and Uphold the Constitution of the united States of America, and The Bill of Rights, and the Republican form of government of the united States of America that was established pursuant to the Constitution, Common Law, God's Laws, and Natural Laws, I will Protect and Defend all Sovereign Americans of the united States of America against all enemies both foreign and domestic. I will Secure the Rights of all litigants that come before the Court; I will Serve the Court in the best interest of the People to ensure Life, Liberty Property and the pursuit of Happiness secured by the Constitution; I pledge my allegiance to America, and I accept and will faithfully perform the duties and responsibilities for which I am about to enter, so help me God.

Among other things, it holds that:

All participants in the Constitutional Court shall be fully informed of the Constitution of the united States of America and the Bill of Rights and have a duty and responsibility to Preserve, Protect, Defend Support and Uphold the Constitution and the Rights of all litigants 'before the Common Law Court, and will serve the Court in the best interest of the People to ensure Life, Liberty, Property, and the Pursuit of Happiness guaranteed by the Constitution.

Thus the condition for being a volunteer to sit on the "Common Law Court" settling disputes is through knowledge of and allegiance to the Constitution. Nothing is said about the Common Law that made the Constitution possible 200 years ago which made it work, the Law-Word of God. A court and jury 2 00 years ago was controlled by a different "Common Law" than is a court and jury today: modern "Common Law" is every man doing whatsoever is right in his own eyes, Deut 12:5-9; Nu 15:39; Jud 17:6; 21:25; Pr 21:2, &c.

The context of Deut 12:5-9 is telling. V. 8, Ye shall not do after all the things that we do here this day, every rnan whatsoever is right in his own eyes, is given in the midst of some very practical Christian action: V. 5 calls for public assembly in the name of the Lord; v. 6 calls for tithes to the Lord to support His work on earth; v. 7 calls for rejoicing in the Lord by households for His blessings, and v. 9 promises a rest to come. V. 9 was not fulfilled until Christ, 1 Ki 8:56; 1 Ch 2 3:2 5; Mic 2: 10; Heb 4:8, 9, & I Pe 1:3, 4. Therefore, those who avoid the actions required by the context of v. 8, are doing whatsoever is right in his own eyes. We neither hear nor see any "patriotic" call to faithfulness to the Word of God requiring public assembly, tithing, rejoicing, &c. Even if Godly churches saw the need to fulfill their functions to provide Biblical justice for their community, they would be unable to do so for lack of finances. The only qualification placed upon an individual by the "Citizens Alert" is that he does nothing contrary to the Constitution and that he is a "True Patriot."

The flier also contains this statement:

The Constitutional Common Law Court is supported by donations and True Patriots giving their time and service in providing equal access to the Court for all Common Law Sovereign Americans who want to see True Justice Prevail!

How do we know if one desires to see "True Justice," and is therefore qualified to pursue "True Justice" in society? "True Justice" is defined by the Word of God, and its evidence starts in one's personal life, Le 19:35-37; Mic 6:8; Eze 18:4-9; Mt 5:28; 1 Cor 6:9-11 & Gal 5:19-21. "True Justice," therefore, contains several points: 1) fear of God - living above reproach in every area, including honoring the Christian Sabbath, Deut 16:18- 22; Isa 56; 2 Sa 23:3; 2) personal honesty and integrity even in the most private matters; 3) love of mercy and humility; 4) refusing to have any gods before the Lord God, e.g. not controlled by the covetous attitude of the world, drunkenness and gluttony, &c.; 5) generous toward the poor, James ch 2; 6) proper use of personal funds provided by the Lord, which we win not develop at this tirne; 7) love of one's neighbour as one's self, and 8) moral purity.

Let us develop point 8) just a bit. God declares the marriage bed undefiled, Heb 13:4. But as with all things, the bed is not without limits, for He calls for abstinence during the wife's time of the month. Immorality, according to the Word of God, closely connects together unlawful sex, marital sex during the wife's time of the month and lustfully looking upon a member of the opposite sex, Ez 18:4 (Le 18:19, 20; 20:10, 18). Can we divide v. 6, neither hath defiled his neighbour's wife, neither hath come near to a menstruous woman, asunder without destroying the whole? Has it not been amazing? The "rise" in popularity of male stripers, the attractive females drawn to them and society's acceptance of the terrible evil. [Psychology Today, "The Beefcaking of America," desirves a closer look, at a later date.] Such things are surely some of the more appalling reproaches in history upon a society where "Christian" speakers attract many followers, e.g. Gothard, Dobson, Graham, &c. Probably the rise in public acceptance of abortions closely parallels the rise in popularity of male stripers. Jer 5:8 They, both husbands and wives, were as fed horses in the morning.- every one neighed after his neighbour's wife and her neighbour's husband. 9 Shall I not visit for these things? saith the LORD.- and shall not my soul be avenged on such a nation as this? "True Justice," therefore, starts in the marriage bed.

One of God's most stringent requirements for civil "True Justice" is His command that HIS children given into parent's care must be throughly instructed in His laws of justice, Ge 18:19; De 4:9, 10; 6:6-7. Only honest instruction in God's Word guarantees future freedom and prosperity for our children, De 11:19-21; De 32:46; Ps 78:1-8; Pro 6:22, &c. Moreover, one of the major qualifications for leadership, therefore "True Justice," is proper parent-child relationship, 1 Ti 3:4. Though not clearly forbidden by Jer 10:2, the passage strongly indicts statist education for the children of those seeking 'True Justice. In other words, if they cannot see the need to train their children in the only wisdom and justice available to man, the Word of God, how can they honestly view the lives Of others, Mt 7:3; Lk 6:41?

The Word of God firmly connects "True Justice" with right actions upon the earth according to His Word, Jer 9:23-26. The Lord says that if one is going to glory, he is to glory in knowing and understanding Christ and how His Word applies in civil matters, judging righteous judgment Injustice comes upon a society because of public mandate: the peoples' hearts are uncircumcised and not subject to the law of God, neither indeed can be. Romans 8:7 tells us why the people's mandate is for a man- conceived plan to solve the ill of social injustice over God's method: "a reason why the wisdom of the flesh is emnity to God, because it neither wants to nor can be subject to him, and by flesh he means a man that is not regenerated." [Geneva] The natural mind despises God's Word and way, and is attracted to any plan that does not glorify God as God, just as a dog is attracted back to his vomit and a hog is attracted back to her mud.

Any justice from a "Constitutional Court of Law" without a love for the "Common Law" upon which the Constitution was based, the Law-Word of God, by those involved in the Court, is, to say the least, a temporary relief from injustice. Without a genuine Christian commitment to God's Word by those involved as judges and juries, they also will be controlled by modern "Common Law," i.e. every man doing whatsoever is right in his own eyes as long as it is not unConstitutional. No matter how sincere and honest seekers might be, if they are seeking "liberty and justice for all" from the Constitution, they and those who follow them are bound for bondage and injustice. The breakdown in civil justice is a result of the breakdown in genuine Biblical Christianity.

Will a return to the Constitution solve the breakdown in our judicial system? Though terms such as freedom, justice, property and personal rights, &c., make movements quite appealing, are the movements helping to solve or merely compounding the problems? Human nature says, "Certainly, they are helping; we believe what our founding fathers believed and died for." The Christian might even say, "Well, maybe they are not helping as they seek a return to the Constitution, but they certainly are not hurting the situation."


Though fallen man will disagree violently, God has guidelines that MUST be followed if there is to be justice in any court, including Common Law Courts and Church Courts, Mat 18; 1 Cor 6. God leaves nothing to the fallen mind in establishing social justice.


God's source of civil justice is clearly established, the Word of God. Consequently, any other standard or source for civil justice, e.g. the Constitution, is an attack against God, God's Word and Godly justice, Pro 2:6-9.

We should not find it strange that justice is replaced with injustice, Ec 5:8. The Lord knows about its removal, and man brought injustice upon himself. In fact, turning to any source for justice other than God's source, His Word, results in God's curse, Jer 17:5. God destroyed His people with unjust, merciless Babylon because of their dependance upon man's wisdom and understanding instead of His Word; He gave them the results of the imaginations of their evil heart, Jer 6:23; 13:14; 17:7; 21:7. Evil - using another source other than God's Word for justice and wisdom, Pro 2.


God establishes the source of peace, and that source is the head of individuals making up a society, and is accomplished through the new birth, Php 4:7-9.


Wisdom to determine just judgment is available to anyone, but it is only available from one source. Those who desire wisdom to render just judgment must study that source, God's Word. If he is not searching, if he is not proficient in God's Word, he is totally unqualified to render just judgment, Jn 7:24; Pr 1:2-7.

God is extremely plain spoken regarding any source other than His Word that is considered a source of justice and wisdom: it is open idolatry. Therefore, we as a society, though we might revere men's documents, will see not only a direct attack upon the Constitution in the future, but a direct hit and its subsequent destruction. That is to say: unless there is genuine conversion and return to the Source, Spirit, or Common Law upon which the Constitution. was build. God will destroy the Constitution, for He will not have any gods before Him.

Obviously, the Constitution has already been rendered "null and void" by corrupt men in high places, so there is not much reason for its "official removal." Evil men at all levels are already ruling according to the desires of their fallen hearts and abusing their power to enforce their "unConstitutional" will. While we are neither denying the need nor condemning the efforts to return to the Constitution, we are saying that without a return to its underlying Biblical, Christian Spirit, i.e. a Christian mandate from the people, all efforts to return to the Constitution will not bring lasting results. It goes without saying that corrupt men corrupt the most Holy of Laws, the Word of God Itself. Therefore, why would one think the Constitution can hold corrupt men in check?

We might mention that God speaks clearly concerning corruption of the monetary supply: it comes from the corruption of man's hearts, and until the heart desires honesty and truth before God, there will be no return to honest money, Eze 45:9-12.


God tells us why man-made documents are regarded as the source of justice, Jer 21:12. Those operating under the name of Christ, local churches, refuse to fulfill their God appointed roll of delivering the oppressed out of the hand of the oppressor, viz. they refuse to confront antiChrist "Politically Correct" issues for fear of incurring the wrath of Babylon., Justice in the spiritual leaders results in the Lord establishing injustice in the land. Pro 31:8 call1r, for speaking out in defence of those appointed to destruntion, in defence of righteous judgment and defence of the poor and needy. The modern banking system, FED, is probably the biggest present day scandal against the poor and needy as modern., corrupt monetary policies have made bardearned money worthless pieces of paper (montized debt). Abortion is history's greatest attack against those ap pointed to destruction. Most of those professing to proclaim the wisdom of God have refused to open their mouths against the evils in "Public Policy;" many who do speak out do so from man's wisdom, not God's. The result is the exaltation of those who regard man made docurnents over the inspired Word of God, the source of wisdom, justice and freedom.


"True Justice" starts at the door of the Lord's house, Jer 7: 1 - 1. 0. Note v. 8: those promising peace, safety and justice from any source and/or means other than. faithfulness to the Word of God are presenting lying words that cannot profit. Lest some unbeliever say that Jeremiah's warning is not for the Church Age, Christ clearly brought the warning forward,Jer 7:11 & JA 19:45.

In both Testaments, God has some strong words for all who would subvert His Word, 1 Sa 15:23. Geneva - Clod hates nothing more than. the disobedience of his commandment, even though the intent seems good to man. Paul looked on the city of Athens' commitment to the false gods of its day with great sorrow and heaviness of heart, Ac 17:16 [Geneva - In comparing the wisdom of God with man's wisdom. men scoff and mock at that which they do not understand: and God uses the curiosity of fools to gather together his elect. Paul could not forbear. Athens was slavishly given to idolatry: Pausanias writes that there were more idols in Athens than in all Greece; yea they had altars dedicated to Shame, and Fame, and Lust, whom they made goddesses... What would Paul say about our day and society? Ed.]

Fallen nature cannot pursue the proper answer, nor does it desire such pursuit. Conversion did not change fallen nature; rather, salvation gives the Spirit's power to confront, subdue and control the fallen nature, 1 Cor 10:13, 14. The temptation is always there to abandon God's way for man's, but the temptation is for the profit of God's people, Pet 1:6-9. See also Ga 5:19-24.

Col 3:5 Mortify therefore your members which are upon the earth, fornication, uncleanness, inordinate affection, evil concupiscence, and covetousness, which is idolatry. [Geneva - Let not your dead nature be effectual in you any more, but let our living nature be effectual. Now the strength of nature is known by the desires. Therefore let the affections of the world die in you, and let the contrary desires which are spiritual, live. And he reckons up a great long list of vices, and their contrary virtues. The desires and lusts that are in us, are in this passage very properly called members, because the reason and will of man is corrupted, and uses them as the body uses its members.]

Col 3:6 give the reasons for subduing the pressure to follow the natural desires of the flesh, including the desire to pursue "True Justice" apart from God's way, For which things' sake the wrath of God cometh on the children of disobedience... The Lord will not hold the ones seeking justice from man's sources guiltless, and those who follow after them will be held by God in the same guilt. Let not God's redeemed people fall for the he that offers hope apart from God's Word

Therefore, the establishment of instruments of "True Justice" other than God's Word is idolatry; God's call is to repentance, Isa 45:20-22. Without repentance and turning to God as God, the only source of "True Justice," Rom chapter two is placed into action.

Unless the "12 PERSON COMMON LAW JURY" is made up of 12 Truly Just persons before God according to His Word who desire to see His Justice prevail, injustice MUST prevail regardless of what any man-given document might say.


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