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No-Fault Sin
Strange Collation
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The Gospel of Nonjudgmentalism

No-Fault Sin

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There has been a lot of flap about the lack of any moral base in the young people. The "media" sounds surprised at what has come about--they should not be. Those considering themselves the source of all wisdom and knowledge, e.g., educators and journalists, have for decades preached the gospel of "Nonjudgmentalism." Therefore, why should they be surprised when people refuse to pass judgment on something?

I find it ironic that the flap started over the recently developed view of the "Holocaust." The elite have spent untold hours and multiplied millions of dollars keeping public sympathy toward the victims of the "Holocaust" and against the perpetrators. Yet that is one of the most affected areas of the gospel of "Nonjudgmentalism." (I am not implying that the "Holocaust" was anything but horrible, but I do find this fact ironic: The ones who sought to keep the "anti-Holocaust spirit" alive, killed it with their own hands.) In other words, "nonjudgmentalism" is required of all peoples, as long as people agree with the "elites'" judgments.

Any Bible believing Christian should be alarmed at the modern attitude of indifference toward wickedness in high places not only in the White House, but in all branches of government. (One does not have to listen hard nor long to learn of both male and female prostitution among those in civil authority, among many other wicked activities.) It seems that the average attitude is that one's personal moral standards and actions are no one's business except those immediately involved. Openly immoral men and women remain generally popular though charges of the worse kinds of evils, even murders, swirl around them like smoke from a smoking gun. It seems that on every side, people generally refuse to make a "moral" judgment of right or wrong--"nonjudgmentalism."

Those of us who believe the word of God readily recognize that we are living in a "post-Christian" culture. The historical Biblical, Christian (not the PC phrase, "traditional") moral foundation that has stood for several centuries has now been destroyed. The humanists have won the battle for the heart and soul of America, and it was primarily accomplished though "public education"--the classroom. (I am certainly not downplaying the importance that the national media and Antinomian pulpits in the battle for the heart and soul of America.) However, the problem is not unique in America, but world-wide. We have been told for years that the heathen's goal was to break the bands and cords of God's word from off themselves and from society. But Christians believed, no doubt, that they would be gone before it would come to pass.

Those who have tried to keep in touch with reality in the midst of the surrounding social chaos have, no doubt, come to this conclusion: The destruction of the historical, Biblical, Christian moral base of this nation has been intentional. The Biblical moral base had to be destroyed, so the moral base could be rebuilt according to man's standards--God said, "Let us make man in our image;" fallen man says, "Let us remake man in our image." According to Scripture, when the heathens obtain their goal of breaking free of the bands and cords of God's law-word, they are then bound by the bands and cords of sin and oppression--death.

The sad thing is that the heathens distinctly revealed their goal, viz, destroy all dogmatic, Biblical (Christian) moral values in this nation. So what they have done was not done in a corner nor under the cover of darkness. Moreover, they told us how they were going to do it, viz, through the education system, a system vagariously supported and defended by the very Christian families they were out to destroy. But Christians completely ignored what they were told, evidently hoping to be "raptured" before the results of their indifference caught up with them.

Society's Conversion

The successful conversion of society from Biblical Christianity to classical Greco/Roman paganism reported by John Leo in a U.S. News & World Report article, "A no-fault Holocaust." Quoted in the article is Prof. Robert Simon complaining about a newly developed social problem, "nonjudgmentalism":

Thus Simon found that the converts to the new gospel preached in the state's education system refused to make any judgment concerning, of all things, the perpetrators of the "Holocaust," the very ones they had sought to keep the judgmental "spirit" alive against. The heathen crowd has told us for years that their goal was to convert the general population to their gospel of "Nonjudgmentalism," with the specific target being the families whose moral base was clearly God's word. Now they are shocked at the total success of their gospel. They, evidently, felt their judgments would be exempt from the gospel they preached. After all, are they not the source of all wisdom and knowledge?

Any intelligent person can readily see that if the perpetrators of the "Holocaust" cannot be "judged" and condemned as evil doers by the converts to the state's religion, they certainly will not condemn a president for an open affaire with another "consenting" adult. Nor will they condemn open sodomy in their leaders nor evil in themselves.

The Roots of the "Nonjudgmentalism" Gospel

Early in the 1900s, the heathen of Psalms 2 did not move to capture the education system under the name "Antichrist," for that would have been too obvious. They did not want anyone to hinder their goal of eradicating Biblical, Christian values from the general population. So they moved under the name of "Humanists," and the gospel they promoted was/is "Humanism," implying a concern for the human race--Humanism has been declared a religion.2 Unlike many Christians, religious Humanists (not to be confused with Humanitarians) were/are not afraid to clearly defined themselves and clearly present their goals for Western civilization.

[Humanism is] a doctrine, attitude, or way of life centered on human interests or values; especially : a philosophy that usually rejects supernaturalism and stresses an individual's dignity and worth and capacity for self-realization through reason.4

Centered in man and man's values (it emphasizes man's self-worth and self-esteem), this religion militates against Christianity. Biblical Christianity centers in God and his values. "Traditional religions," i.e., Biblical Christianity based upon God's dogmatic word, was/is seen as an obstacle to "human progress," so it must be removed. Society had to be converted. The conversion of society required proselytizing individuals--converting them one at a time from the Biblical Christian religion to the Humanist religion; the conversion of society required addressing the individual prospective converts of all ages--the classroom with its compulsory attendance laws; the conversion of society required unlimited funds--property tax; the conversion of society required multiplied thousands of dedicated, "rabid" preachers--the teachers. (Antinomian churches and unlimited media access into the homes of Christians was also important in the conversion.) Though the heathen's rage against the Lord and against his anointed is well represented in the common schools, i.e., the government's education system, there are many godly teachers involved in the teaching calling for their lives. The problem is that the system itself was clearly established by the heathens in their rage to break their bands asunder, and cast away their cords from us--that is, remove Christian dogmatism from the average American. Thus the system itself cannot be reformed any more than a leopard can be reformed of his spots.5

The goal of Humanism was/is to return civilization to the paganism destroyed by Christ and his faithful followers--Christianity. One should note that not only was its goal to return Western society to pagan Greco/Roman thought, but to turn it toward Eastern mysticism, "classical China." The Antichrist crowed of Humanists has marvelously succeeded, but they could not have succeeded without the aid of Antinomian preachers who preach non-involvement in social matters. The non-involvement message really took hold in America just previous to the heathen becoming vocally and publicly active in capturing the educational system. The Humanists had/have their preachers in the education pulpits, both in the common schools, and in the "Christian" churches. Their's was a "bloodless coup d'etat," with no resistance from their victims.6

Without the aid of the "Christian" Humanist's pulpits of America, Humanism would have been kept at bay. The Humanists, if they were to succeed in capturing Christian America, had to redefine "values." "Values" were generally defined from a Biblical Christian perspective (Ten Commandments), a fact found utterly repugnant by the Antichrist Humanists in all realms, classrooms, churches and media. Their "values clarification" succeeded in removing from the general population all distinctively Christian, Biblical "values," as seen in the current flap over "nonjudgmentalism." Now that the distinctively Christian based values have been eradicated from the general population the heathen can rebuild society according to their pipe dream of social peace and tranquility with man, not the Christian God, as the center. (Bible believers know, however, that there is death in the pot.) We now hear the call from those who consider themselves the source of all wisdom and knowledge for "character education." We can rest assured of some things: First, God's inspired word will not be used to define "character." Second, the "character education" will be what is politically correct at the time, which is in a continual flux. Third, the new "character" will be very judgmental against all who fail to follow the tempter away from God's word. And fourth, the vast majority of pulpits, and hence Christians, will continue to proclaim their Antinomianism and their gospel of non-involvement, unless there is a great and general revival of the Christian faith.

The early goals of Humanism was to "overcome powerful antihumanist forces that" sought to destroy it. The way to do that was to redefine values--orthodox and dogmatic, i.e., Biblical Christian, values had to be rejected if society was to be converted to their religion.

Though the document was "radical" in its time, there was not enough opposition to prevent it from becoming public policy and being the basis tenet for the common schools.
  • Antichrist Education
  • In a 1983 article, "A Religion for a New Age," John Dumphy asked "whether an atheist society could produce humane, compassionate citizens who would respect the dignity of their fellow human beings." Then using his Romanist background, he argues that Christianity has produced not a humane society, but a bloody society. He concludes his article:

    Adding another heathen, raging voice against the Lord and his anointed, Dumphy repeated Satan's offer to Eve, calling for the removal of all moral values based upon God's word from life and thought; he called for society to be converted to another religion, a religion with no Biblical values--only values established by man. Dumphy clearly explained how the Antichristian forces were accomplishing their goal: The heathen forces operate by faith. Their faith says that the only hope for mankind to realize the "Christian ideal of 'love thy neighbor''' is to convert mankind to the alternative, the "religion of humanity."

    According to this religious faith, the only hope for society was/is to remove from it the "rotting corpse of Christianity, together with all its" dogmatic values. The proselytizers have succeeded in converting a social order, and their converts are committed to "nonjudgmentalism"--at taxpayers' expense. Through the tireless efforts of the multiplied thousands of proselytizers, America has at last been freed from the bands and cords of God's word. It is now in bondage to the raging heathen who imagine a vain thing. It is in bondage to the bands and cords of sin.

    Nothing restrained

    The Lord tells us that man will do whatever he sets his mind to do when the people unite in doing that thing. The Antichrist crowed set their mind to convert a social order to their religion, and they were totally convinced they could succeed. They united with a common goal, invested their time, energies and money into that goal, and they have converted a social order through teaching their converts to observe all the tenets of their religion, exemplified in "nonjudgmentalism." (However, we know that their efforts shall fail, Ps. 2.)

    On the other hand, though Christians have faith that the Humanists can convert society to Humanism, they generally do not have faith that they can convert society to Christ. Operating on that faith, they do not even attempt such a conversion as the ungodly have done, nor do they attempt to stand against and counter the Humanist agenda. (Obviously, such thinking openly denies that the power of God's Spirit is greater than the united power of fallen men and devils against God.)

    The "radical" document clearly presented the basic theological beliefs of its religion:

    "Moral values from human experience" requires the encouragement of promiscuousness, for that will develop one's proper values, e.g., sex education. Religious values must be defined in terms of "human needs," not in terms of Scripture. Ethics--sense of right and wrong--must be rooted in "human need and interest" determined by the situation in which one finds himself. Meaning is created by man, not by God, so it changes as man changes. Everything centers around man.

    Humanism is clearly man-centered, as opposed to Christ-centered. Whereas Humanism seeks a god to please men, God seeks men to please him. We must, accordingly, generally lump churches built on the appeal to men, "Patriots" and the conservative/liberal political groups together in Humanism--all are working for what they feel is best for mankind and for what will appeal to men. They all have God's hand against them, for their goal is not to pleases God according to his word, but to please men:

    "We reject all religious, ideological, or moral codes" refers only to the Christian religion as clearly laid out in Scripture, viz, the Ten Commandments. (There are many professed Christians who hold to this point of Humanism: "We are under grace, not under law"--that is, grace frees us from the cords and bands of Ten Commandments.) Here is a key to "nonjudgmentalism." If the converts to this religion cannot judge what goes on in another's sexual lives between "consenting adults," how can they judge what goes on in other areas of another's behavior? Of course, they cannot. The preachers of the new religion for a new age have been very successful, for they have had more converts to their religion's cause than all the Bible believing preachers combined. Their converts are now committed to "nonjudgmentalism."

    There was a "battle for humankind's future waged" and won in the state's school classrooms "by teachers who correctly perceive[d] their role as the proselytizers of a new faith." They embodied "the same selfless dedication as the most rabid fundamentalist preachers, for they [were] ministers of another sort, utilizing a classroom instead of a pulpit to convey humanist values in whatever subject they [taught], regardless of the educational level--preschool day care or large state university." Either unbeknown to or with indifference to the situation by Christians, the classroom was "an arena of conflict between the old and the new--the rotting corpse of Christianity, together with all its adjacent evils and misery, and the new faith of humanism" won the hearts and minds of the present generation.

    The battle was forfeited by Christian pastors who did not have the dedication and /or fortitude to instill the Christian faith into every subject covered by every thought and action; they were unable or unwilling to convey God's values into whatever subject was at hand--that is, the social issues of the day. Extremely few Christian pastors today are willing to leave the principles of the doctrine of Christ--that is, the foundation of repentance from dead works, and of faith toward God, Of the doctrine of baptisms, and of laying on of hands, and of resurrection of the dead, and of eternal judgment (Heb. 6:1ff.). They either cannot or will not take their people on to perfection--that is, a more perfect knowledge of God's word and its application into all areas of life and thought. A good understanding of the basic principles of the gospel is certainly required in the Christian faith, but these basic precepts will not win the "battle for humankind's future," a fact well understood by the enemy. The enemy understands that the basic precepts of his faith must be worked into every subject of life, and he did it while Christians stood around and wrung their hands over the removal of Christian prayer from the pagan temples of worship and indoctrination. What do Christians expect from a system designed to remove the Christian faith from society? (Out of the many Christian publications I receive, very few cover anything except the basic principles of the Christian faith; when you have read one, you have read them all, for their's is the same basic message--repentance, faith, baptism, etc.)

    What has happened?

    The generation now making its voice heard by its deafening silence against the openly public debauchery of all kinds from the president down (and even in the pulpits) is only repeating what it has been taught--individual freedom means actions that are no one's business but the "consenting adults," whatever it might be, even "sexual preference." It is certainly interesting that a synonym for "debauchery" is "Noun: Bacchanalia 1. an orgiastic festival in ancient Greece in honor of Dionysus (= Bacchus)." The Humanists desired to return to "classical" Greco/Roman culture, and they have--that is, open worship of Bacchus, and no one to judge them.14

    And thus the total indifference to, and even acceptance of, abortion (see point 6 above). Continuing with U.S.N.'s article:

    The tenets of the classroom preachers, the teachers, are now being evidenced in society (too bad we cannot say the same for the tenets of the Biblical Christian religion): The proselytizers of the state's faith have done their job well, viz, their gospel message reduced man to no more than a stray dog--in fact, to even less than the stray dog. Their converts maybe cannot read, write nor compute, but they have learned what they were there to learn, viz, man does not have a soul, and will not answer to the Lord God. Accordingly, the students now have more concern for whales, trees and stray dogs than for humans, a fact proved by the abortion rate world-wide. The converted generation have less concern for human sacrifice than it does for the sacrifice of animals for research purposes. Mr. Leo continues:
      The converted generation has no moral standard from which to argue: The "nonjudgmental," "no-fault sin," generation has been taught that each person establishes his or her own values for his or her life, and those values depend upon the situation in which one finds him or her self. Maybe this generation cannot read, write or compute, but they do know not to be "judgmental" of the sodomites, nor of those in high places. Leo continues:. An important point is made here. It is from a strong presuppositionalism that people think and act in an orderly society. The presuppositionalism of the past centuries of this nation was decisively Biblical. The result of that presuppositionalism was the civilization that we have enjoyed, e.g., even an unsaved man could be trusted because of Western society's Biblical presupposition. That Biblical presupposition is now gone, which was the goal of the Humanists. There is now no foundation at all from which to build. Now the Humanist's goal is to build a new foundation, a foundation without God. In Leo's words: "The 'values clarification' programs" did not "leave the creation of values up to" the parents and the churches--values were left up to each individual person. Fallen men, both inside and outside the church, felt he could be his own god and establish his own set of laws apart from the Commandments. The result is the love of death in the generation brought up under man's laws. And then they are suppressed at the results.

    The Biblical foundation of America has been destroyed, so now we hear the call to rebuild the foundation. Only the foundation will be rebuilt in the image of fallen man, not in the image God intended through his word.


    We must mention here that the faith that says fallen man can decide on his own to "chose" God and Christ (salvation) essentially says that every person has a spark of divinity in him. And with proper knowledge and direction, that spark of divinity can be fanned into a fire that will chose God and Christ. The "values clarification" programs were based upon the same false premise--man is basically good, and with proper knowledge and direction, that spark of divinity in him can be fanned into a fire that will chose what is best for himself and for society; he will chose to avoid what is destructive to himself and to society. The current loss of direction by this generation shows beyond any doubt that man is basically a sinner, incapable on his own to make the proper choice for his good. (Rom. 3:10-18.) The London Baptist Confession says it this way:

    The Foundations Destroyed

    The public indifference to a president who can not keep his pants on shows that the once Biblical foundations of our social order have been destroyed. The public indifference to open sodomites and adulterers in public office shows that the foundations have been destroyed. The public indifference to a tyrannical government out of control shows that the foundations have been destroyed. The public indifference to pulpits that do not preach the whole counsel of God shows that the foundations have been destroyed.

    But the Christian foundations have not been completely destroyed:

    And thus we are driven to: The wrath of man against the Lord and his anointed only works to his glory--it tends to correct the errors of those who love God, and who the called according to his purpose.

    The promotion of "No-Fault Sin," or "The Gospel of Nonjudgmentalism," has forced Godly parents to recognize that they must take the responsibility for their children, and instill in them the Godly principles by which they want them to live--the home school movement, along with the Christian school movement, is growing by great leaps and bounds. The home schooled and Christian schooled generation is starting to come "on line." If those young people live true to their calling in Christ and their training in the word of God, the public indifference to wickedness in high places will change despite the best efforts of the kings and rulers who have counseled together against the Lord, and against his anointed--the Antichrist state, the NEA and Antinomian pulpits.

    Our hope is in the Lord, that he will continue to place the desire to please himself in the hearts of his people, starting in the home.


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    Strange Collation

    The Butte Bugle, 9/6/97 - Arborists, Government on Collision Course Butte, Montana - With the recent tree-related deaths of Michael Kennedy and Rep. Sonny Bono, anti-government activists have taken up a new strategy: planting trees. This has led to a strange alliance between Patriot militias and the radical environmentalist group, EarthFirst.

    A spokesman for the Arborist Insurgent Militia of Montana, who goes by the nom-de-guerre of Lee Harvey Appleseed, at a news conference today said "These politicians have gotten so dumb that ordinary trees can take 'em out! We call upon all Patriots to plant as many trees as possible. Do it for America!" AIMM claims to have "over 14 members" and a heavily fortified greenhouse "compound" with at least 30 trees known to be inside.

    EarthFirst staged a small demonstration outside the Butte courthouse, with 3 members clad in plaid flannel shirts chanting "Live Free, Plant A Tree". One, who asked not to be named, said that the group had already started "plant and run" tree plantings on ski slopes and golf courses, using burr oak, black walnut, and Sitka spruce seedlings.

    In Washington, liberal Democrat and fierce tree-control advocate Rep. Charles Schumer said "Trees are a danger to all Americans, especially the children. I am introducing legislation today that will ban all trees, and severely restrict access to shrubs over 3 feet high.

    We need a tree-free America, where everyone can ski safely without dangerous obstacles. I want to cut down all the trees, for the children!"

    Rep Sonny Bono began his career as a pop singer before turning to politics. Michael Kennedy was campaign manager for his uncle Sen. Edward Kennedy's last election. No charges have been made in relation to either death, although FBI Director Louis Freeh said "We haven't ruled out the possibility of homicide. A tree can be considered a stationary blunt instrument. We have forensic forestry specialists testing the DNA of the trees involved in these incidents, to see if there is any possible relationship or link between them."

    Vice President Al Gore was reportedly troubled by the recent activities regarding trees. Because he is known as a "tree-hugger", Gore's aides said he is planning on distancing himself from the pro-tree advocates, and will ask Former EPA director William Ruckelshaus to assist the Clinton Administration in developing a new tree policy. Ruckelshaus is the CEO of Browning Ferris Industries, the nation's second-largest waste management company, and is the former CEO of Weyerhauser, a major pulp and paper company which has been criticized by pro-tree environment activists in the past.

    AIMM's Appleseed said that his organization is planning a large recruiting drive for Arbor Day, including a parade in Butte. Tree-control advocates are planning a counterdemonstration. Butte police chief Tex Pumpaloaf said he is planning on having the Montana State Police on hand to help keep the groups apart. "We will do everything necessary to maintain a peaceful and orderly Arbor Day in Butte" said Chief Pumpaloaf.

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    General Motors Corp., F$360 - F$500 million

    Citicorp, F$600 million

    Chase Manhattan Corp., F$250 million

    J. P. Morgan & Co., F$250 million

    Bankers Trust New York Corp., F$ 180 - F$230 million

    BankAmerica Corp., F$380 million.

    GM disclosed its Y2K spending in a filing with the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC), which is requiring corporations to report Y2K liabilities in their periodic statements. On March 18,k 1998 the Journal reported that the Y2K price tag for the nations 35 largest regional banks is expected to reach F$1.8 billion for the three years ending in 1999. 

    Now ask yourself: If Y2K were no problem at all, why would these six companies alone be spending F$2.21 trillion to fix it?

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