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April, 2002, part two

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55 Ways You Can Help Israel

by Rabbi Steve Mesarch

With my comments interspersed.

As mentioned in this issue of TBE, I recently received an email from the "UMJCNews" called "55 Ways You Can Help Israel." It was sent out by the Union of Messianic Jewish Congregations (UJMC). If I understand properly, these are people who claim to follow the "Jews' religion," which they claim to actually be the Messiah's religion. Below is the list of 55 Ways with my comments ("Note:") after most of the points. Some points have UJMC's comments removed, and just the headings remain. I have left the UJMC's comments as found them.

By placing my sometimes lengthy comments in an already lengthy article, the article is now longer than I wanted. (As Bro. Larry Lilly said when it was suggested he call me about something, "I don't what that much information about anything." Sorry, but that is my style of writing.)

Introductory notes.

First, I have tried very hard not to let my disgust show through concerning the following points put together by Rabbi Mesarch. If the following were sent out by the state of Israel (which it appears to have been), or if it were sent out by those who make no claim on Christ, I would have no problem with it. However, it was sent out by those who claim to be "Messianic Jews", or "Jews" who follow the Messiah. But after reading their doctrinal statement, I really do not know what to call them, for they do not like the Biblical term Christian, nor do they like to be identified with the "Gentile Jesus," so I do not know what Biblical term to apply. I know of no other name whereby men must be saved than the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. (Acts 4:10-12.)

Second, there is no mention of our Lord Jesus Christ, for Judaism is purely a secular, antichrist religion, and the modern state of Israel is clearly anitchrist. Does Scripture permit supporting such an antichrist nation? (See review of JUDAISM'S STRANGE GODS in last month's Examiner. The message that should be sent out is 55 Ways You Can Help The New Israel of God, the blood bought Church..)


Galatians 6: 15 For in Christ Jesus neither circumcision availeth any thing, nor uncircumcision, but a new creature. 16 And as many as walk according to this rule, peace be on them, and mercy, and upon the Israel of God.
Romans 2:29 But he is a Jew, which is one inwardly; and circumcision is that of the heart, in the spirit, and not in the letter; whose praise is not of men, but of God.

The word of God tells us that the Israel of God, a Biblical Jew, is made up of those whose hearts have been circumcised by the Spirit of the Living God that is, those who are in Christ, or the blood bought Church. Moreover, God clearly tells us that there is now neither Jew nor Greek, there is now no difference between the Jew and the Greek in Christ, for salvation makes us all one in Him. (Rom. 10:12, Gal. 3:28, Col. 3:11.) However, the UJMC seems to relish in a distinction that has been removed by the gospel of Christ.

Fourth, I have tried to point out the fact that the UJMC has usurped the commands of Scripture toward the Body of Christ, and has given those commands to a anitchrist nation and religion. I believe the contrast will be evident.

Judge for yourself does the following sound like an exhortation from a Christian or from the Israeli government?

1. Buy Israeli products and services.

With the Israeli economy suffering, go out of your way to support Israel's export trade. www.Galilee of the allow you to but Israeli products directly. When in the grocery store, look for brands like Elite, Telma, Osem, and Ahava beauty products. Even if you have to pay a few more dollars for Israeli olives or juice, do it! Ask the supermarket manager to order these items specifically. Buy Jaffa oranges, even if you hate citrus fruits. (You'll find someone to give a present to.) Buy Israeli wine to bring as a gift when you visit friends. Home Depot and other stores have many made in Israel products -- especially plastics. lists the names of products sold in the USA.

Note: Over the past 35 years in the ministry, I have found sound Biblical ministries suffering for the lack of funds to defend the word of God. Should there not be an urgency for supporting God's kingdom work on earth? Where is God's kingdom located, in Palestine, is it universal, or is it within the believer? (Luke 17:20ff, &c.)

2. Speak out!

The next time you hear something that puts down Isra'el, don't wonder to yourself, "What is anyone going to do about it." No Jewish organization or Israeli consulate can fight the propaganda war on every front, so don't assume they will. You be the "anyone" and pick up your pen or keyboard and start writing. Write a piece you for local newspaper, set up information tables at your high school or college, or simply talk to people. Be a roving ambassador for Israel by explaining the true facts to everyone you meet. Even the cashier in the supermarket needs good information. You never know how your contribution may affect someone else's views. The possibilities are endless. The worst thing that one can do is to remain quiet in times like this. So do something!

Note: Christians should boldly raise their voices at every opportunity against the ungodly's attack against the Church that Christ bought with His own blood. Did Christ die for a piece of dirt and a religion that denies Him, or did He die for His Church?

3. Pray.

Pray to G-d to bring peace to the land. Pray for Israel's leaders who need wisdom. Pray that they continue to do what is best for Israel in spite of international pressure. Pray for the safety of Israeli civilians who are targeted by suicide bombers. Pray for the protection of IDF soldiers as they root out every last terrorist. Ask G-d to heal Israel's wounded soldiers and civilians and to thwart future terrorist attacks. And pray for the Arabs to realize the true nature of their leadership and doctrines that teach hate and murder. Regardless of your level of observance, you can add a request for Israel to your regular (or even irregular) prayer regimen. No prayer goes to waste. You can send prayers via the Western Wall at Cry out for G-d's compassion -- because the gates of tears are never closed. And remember: G-d is in ultimate control. He has done miracles before and will do them again.

Note: We are commanded to pray for peace in the new Jerusalem, the Church. God's prosperity is promised to those who love His church:

[Psalms 122:6] Ver. 6. Pray for the peace of Jerusalem. Peace was her name, pray that her condition may verify her title. Abode of Peace, peace be to thee. Here was a most sufficient reason for rejoicing at the thought of going up to the house of the Lord, since that sacred shrine stood in the centre of an area of peace: well might Israel pray that such peace should be continued. In a church peace is to be desired, expected, promoted, and enjoyed. If we may not say "Peace at any price," yet we may certainly cry "Peace at the highest price." Those who are daily fluttered by rude alarms are charmed to reach their nest in a holy fellowship, and abide in it. In a church one of the main ingredients of success is internal peace: strife, suspicion, party spirit, division, these are deadly things. Those who break the peace of the church deserve to suffer, and those who sustain it win a great blessing. Peace in the church should be our daily prayer, and in so praying we shall bring down peace upon ourselves; for the Psalmist goes on to say,
They shall prosper that love thee, or, perhaps we may read it as a prayer, "May they have peace that love thee." Whether the passage be regarded as a promise or as a prayer matters not, for prayer pleads the promise, and the promise is the ground of prayer. Prosperity of soul is already enjoyed by those who take a deep interest in the church and cause of God: they are men of peace, and find peace in their holy endeavours: God's people pray for them, and God himself delights in them. Prosperity of worldly condition often comes to the lovers of the church if they are able to bear it: many a time the house of Obededom is blessed because of the ark of the Lord. Because the Egyptian midwives feared the Lord, therefore the Lord made them houses. No man shall ever be a permanent loser by the house of the Lord: in peace of heart alone. If in nothing else, we find recompense enough for all that we can do in promoting the interests of Zion. ... (CHS, Treasurey of David, Online Bible, CD.)

Ver. 6. Pray for the peace of Jerusalem. By praying for Jerusalem's peace is meant such serene times wherein the people of God might enjoy his pure worship without disturbance. The Church has always had her vicissitudes, sometimes fair, and sometimes foul weather; but her winter commonly longer than her summer; yea, at the same time that the Sun of peace brings day to one part of it, another is wrapped up in the night of persecution. Universal peace over all the churches is a great rarity. William Gumall. (Ibid.)

Ver. 6. Pray (with this princely prophet) for the peace of Jerusalem. I wish I could express the incomparable sweetness of this little hemistichium. I guess, the Holy Ghost was pleased to let the Psalmist play the poet here: the Psalms are holy poetry. The original words have such elegancy here, as (I think) all the Scripture cannot parallel this verse. It is in English inexpressible. For the point in hand only, he bids us pray for the peace of Jerusalem. Peace denominates Jerusalem, ` tis the etymon of the word, it means the vision of peace. David by that term most sweetly alludes to the name of the city, yet conceals his wit; which could have been made more open: he said, Mlv Mwlv wlav , "Pray for the peace of Salem." For so it was called too, called first so, called still so (Ps 76:2) "At Salem is his tabernacle." That word merely sounds peace: God would have his Church the house of peace; and his temple there David might not build because he was a man of war; but Solomon his son, who had his name of peace, must build it. Christ, whose the church is, she his spouse, would not be born in Julius Caesar's reign; he was a warrior too: but in Augustus's days, who reigned in peace. And this may be a reason too, if you please, why David bids pray but for peace only, an earthly blessing. That word most fitted his art here, and sounded best. But under that word, by poetical synecdoche, he couched all heavenly blessings. Richard Clarke, 1634. (Ibid.)

Ver. 6. Pray, etc. Our praying for the church giveth us a share in all the church's prayers; we have a venture in every ship of prayer that maketh a voyage for heaven, if our hearts be willing to pray for the church; and if not, we have no share in it.
Let no man flatter himself: they that pray not for the church of God love not the church of God. Let them prosper that love thee; that is, that pray for thee, the one is the counterpart of the other. If we do not love it, we will not pray for it; and if we do not pray for it, we do not love it. Yea, if we pray not for the church, we lose our share in the prayers of the church. You will say that man hath a great estate that hath a part in every ship at sea; and yet to have an adventure in all the prayers that are made to heaven is better than all the world. All the church's prayers are for all the living members of it, viz. the blessings will be to them, for a man to have a venture ill every ship of prayer of all the churches throughout all the world. I would not (for my part) leave my share in it for all the world; and that man hath no share in it that will not afford a prayer for the church. John Stoughton, 1640. (Ibid.)

Ver. 6. They shall prosper that love thee. Seeing they prosper that love and bear affection to Jerusalem, let men learn to show good will unto Christ's church, though as yet they be no ripe scholars themselves in Christ's school: though they be not grown to perfection let them express a good affection. A good will and inclination, where strength yet faileth, is accepted, and a ready disposition is not rejected: though thou be not yet of the saints, yet love the saints. If thou likest and lovest that thou wouldst be, thou must be that hereafter which yet thou art not. The little bird before she flieth fluttereth with her wings in the nest: the child creepeth before he goeth: so religion begins with affection, and devotion proceedeth from desire. A man must first love that he would be, before he can be that which he loveth. It is a good sign when a man affecteth that which he expects, and doth favour that which he would more fully favour. He that loveth Sion shall prosper: he that loveth virtue shall increase and prosper in it. The day of small things shall not be despised (Zec 4:10), neither shall the smoking flax be quenched (Mt 12:20); but the smoke shall bring forth fire, and fire shall break forth into a flame. Andrew Willett (1562-1621), in "Certaine Fruitfull Meditations upon the 122. Psalme."

4. Phone Israel.

Pick up the phone and make a solidarity call to your Israeli friends and relatives. If you don't know someone personally, ask someone who does. Call that person in Isra'el and assure them that you share their pain and understand what they're going through. Commend that person for having the courage to live in Isra'el now. Let them know they are not alone!

Note: We should be phoning the New Israel of God, other Believers, encouraging them to stand fast for the Lord and His word (Heb. 20:25, 26).

5. Protest bias in the media.

The media has a powerful influence on public opinion and government policy. When you discover a piece of bias, immediately contact the news agency and complain. Keep your remarks respectful and stick to the facts. Build a list of e-mail addresses of friends and colleagues, so when you discover bias, you can alert others to also file a complaint. There is power in the number of responses, even if your specific letter is not printed. You can join a media watch email list at which gives guidelines for how to be effective in contacting the media, and has over 25,000 subscribers protesting biased news against Isra'el.

Note: We should be very distraught, enough to speak out over the anti-Christian attitude of the media, even though it is largely controlled by "Jewish" money.

6. Give Tzedakah.

Give some charity every day for Israel. Encourage others to give charity for Isra'el, too. A list of worthy causes can be obtained online at: www. One person wrote; "Because our church has been forced to cancel their annual trip to Isra'el, we are sending our money anyway to the tour guides and bus driver."

Note: Certainly, even those who deny Christ are to benefit from what we say we believe (does it not rain on the just and the unjust?). However, our first responsibility is to give to those in need within the Israel of God (Eph. 4:28, Rom. 12:13, II Cor. 9:12ff, I Tim. 6:18).

7. Empathize with terror victims.

As you are lying in bed at night, imagine what it's like to be the sister, child or parent of someone who yesterday was full of life, and today is nothing but scattered bones and flesh. It's a mitzvah to cry and feel another's pain. Send an e-mail to and they will send you regular updates with the names and status of people who have been injured in attacks. A full listing of terror victims - and suggestions to help - is online at: and

Note: Our hearts should be seriously moved for the Christian victims of anit-Christ terror in places such as China, Saudi Arabia and Sudan. (See <>) We should we be lying awake and consumed with prayer for the multitudes being butchered there. (See under #16.)

"Dennis Bennett, executive director of Servant's Heart recently told WorldNetDaily that the Sudanese government is continuing to wage Jihad against Christians and Animists who refuse to convert to Islam. Christian women are being gang-raped and are having their breasts cut off if they refuse to convert. Since 1983, an estimated 2 million people have died as a result of the Jihad against non-Muslims. To read more, go to:"

Slave wages INTERNATIONAL Persecution in Pakistan is all a very long day's work. WE LOVE OUR CHILDREN, BUT we need food," said Saddiq Masih, a 50-year-old brick-maker. That is why none of his 13 children was in school. Ranging in age from 18 months to 25 years, all seem destined to spend their lives making bricks. ... The brickyard where he works is owned by a Muslim. It employes several Christian families whose members usually work together 12 hours a day, six days a week. On average a family even one the size of Mr. Masih's earns $6 or $7 a day. ... Yet few complain, especially given the tense relations between Muslims and Christians since Sept 11. Last October gunmen stormed a church in Bahawalput during Sunday morning services and slaughtered 15 Christians, including the minister. Last month two men killed five Christians among them two Americansin a grenade attack on the Protestant International Church in Islamabad. ... Mr. Masih acknowledges the tension but it has not changed his outlook. "I have a strong faith in Jesus Christ. We're happy in this situation also," he said. ... (World, 5/4/2002. Pakistan has the death penalty for doing or saying anything that "defiles the sacred name of the Holy Prophet Muhammad.")

Christians around the world are having their bodies mutilated because of Christ. Our call is unity with the suffering Body of Christ.

8.Visit Isra'el.

Go to Isra'el on vacation, to study, or to visit family. Encourage your local organizations to sponsor trips -- study tours, religious tours, Bar/Bat Mitzvah tours. It can be for 3 days or 10 days. Spend as much money as you can afford in order to help the economy. Hotels, stores, restaurants are lacking tourists -- precisely what the terrorists seek! Talk to others about the beautiful landscape of Isra'el, about the unique feeling of thousands of years of Jewish existence in Israel. Visiting Isra'el will show Israelis that you really care, and will make a tremendous difference to your own sense of connection. Make your motto: "Tourism against Terrorism!"

Note: The Scriptural mandate for God's people is to support to the largest possible extent God's kingdom work on earth that is, seek to spread the saving Gospel of Christ to the four corners of the earth. (Matt. 6:33, 28:19, 20.) Our longing is to see the king in his beauty, (Isa. 33:17) and hear Him say, "Well done, thou good and faithful servant." (Matt. 25:21, 23.)

9. Fly the Israeli flag.

Put an Israeli flag in front of your home, church, etc. Let everyone know that you are proud of Isra'el. Put an "I Support Isra'el" bumper sticker on your car. Wear a combined American/Israeli flag pin on your lapel. If you can't find an Israeli flag, make one yourself, or ask your kids to draw one, and display it in your car window or office.

Note: The Christian's FIRST and primary allegiance is to the our new nation, the kingdom of his dear Son. Our King's flag has a cross on it, and is known as the Christian flag. It flies even today over the forces of Christian men fighting for their lives against Muslim armies intent on eradicating Christians in Sudan. (Col. 1:13.) If any flag is flown, it should be the flag of our King, King Jesus.

10. Conserve energy. ...

11. Recognize the G-D factor.

With all the practical efforts to help Israel -- media watch, education, economic assistance, political lobbying, etc. -- don't forget the spiritual component! The very existence of the Jewish people after 3,500 years -- and the return to the land after a long exile -- is miraculous. Understand the significance of Abraham's covenant with G-d. Each of us, on whatever level of observance, must strive to connect.

Note: Abraham did not make a covenant with God, but God made it with him. The covenant of Genesis 12 concerns the spiritual seed, Christ, and those in Him:

Verse 3. Those that are friends or enemies to thee shall be the same to me; a marvellous condescension and privilege.
In thee, i.e. in thy Seed, as it is explained Ge 22:18 26:4 28:14, i.e. in and through Christ, Ac 3:25 Ga 3:9,16,28,29; or, for thee, as the Chaldee hath it, i.e. for thy sake; or, by thee, i.e. by thy means; or, with thee, by comparing this with Ga 3:8,9, i.e. in the same way and manner in which thou art blessed, that is, by a fruitful faith: compare Ro 4:11,12,16.
All families of the earth, i.e. all nations; which is to be limited to the believers of all nations, by the whole current of the Scriptures. All that shall be blessed shall be blessed by this means, and no other way.

(e) "And I will bless" Ge 27:29 Ex 23:22 Nu 24:9 (f) "and in thee" Ge 18:18 22:18 26:4 Ps 72:17 Ac 3:25 Ga 3:8 (Matthew Pool, OLB.)

Acts 3:25 Ye are the children of the prophets, and of the covenant which God made with our fathers, saying unto Abraham, And in thy seed shall all the kindreds of the earth be blessed.

Galatians 3:8, And the scripture, foreseeing that God would justify the heathen through faith, preached before the gospel unto Abraham, saying, In thee shall all nations be blessed. So then they which be of faith are blessed with faithful Abraham. 16 Now to Abraham and his seed were the promises made. He saith not, And to seeds, as of many; but as of one, And to thy seed, which is Christ. 28 There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for ye are all one in Christ Jesus. 29 And if ye be Christ's, then are ye Abraham's seed, and heirs according to the promise.

12. Send flowers. ...

13. Rally for Isra'el.

Hold a rally in your city. When thousands of people turn out for a public display of support, it affects all segments of your community -- the politicians, the media, general public opinion. And most importantly, it engenders unity and pride within the Jewish and pro-Israel community.

Note: Rally in support of the Body of Christ wherever it is under attack by those who reject Christ. Hold a rally on the courthouse steps and show public support for those in public office who stand for the Christian God (who can only be approached through the Lord Jesus Christ) and for His word.

14. Know your enemy. ...

Note: The church has plenty of enemies, and sadly, the worse enemies of the church come from within. Paul warned of men who would rise up from within, men who would side-track the church from its purpose of teaching the word of God. They misuse Scripture to place attention upon wrong things, things other than the Lord's kingdom work here on this earth. (Acts 20:28ff.)

15. Unity!

When we stop arguing amongst ourselves and work together, then we can stand united against the enemy, and the Almighty with us. Jerusalem was destroyed because of people speaking negatively about each other, so that is the way we can rebuild Jerusalem. Let us abstain from saying (or listening to) anything bad about any Jew, any group of Jews, or even the Israeli government unless it is constructive critique. The only way to stand against our enemies is to become one with each other -- to lay down our differences and work together.

Note: Certainly, we are called upon by God to "rebuild Jerusalem," but that Jerusalem has nothing to do with the one being fought over today. It is the new city of the living God, the heavenly Jerusalem which is represented on earth by the Church. (Heb. 12:12.) The call of the word of God is for Christians to dwell together in unity (Psalms 133.) In fact, Scripture requires separation from those who reject Christ, as do the Jews. (I Cor. 5.) I must admit that this is a very serious problem, for each of us feel that he is right, so we have a hard time uniting with those who do not see things our way.

16. Holocaust education.

With the rise of anti-Semitic incidents around the world, and the state-sponsored anti-Semitism in Arab countries, it is important to see the warning signs before a crisis happens. Learning about the Holocaust helps us appreciate the depth of anti-Semitism and its root causes. Excellent information is online at Squelch all anti-Semitic language everywhere you are. Stand up against this terrible hatred -- no matter what the consequences.

Note: We have mentioned the real Holocaust going on under #7. We should be educating the public about that Holocaust against the Body of Christ. Our concern is about the depth of the anti-Christian sentiment. All anti-Christian language should be challenged everywhere we are. Our call is to stand up against this terrible hatred of Christ and His chirch no matter what the consequences.


1900, Chian's Empress Tzu Hsi ordered the extermination of the Christian religion, and the multitudes beheaded thereafter.
1905, Japanese soldiers shot and burned 145 Christians in southern China.
1915, alarmed by the growing numbers of Armenian Christians, Turkish (Muslim) authorities launch a genocidal campaign, killing at least 600,000 Armenians, mostly Christians.
1929, Josef Stalin and V.I. Lenin had a vehement hatred of religion, particularly Christianity. Of the perhaps 60 million Soviet citizens Stalin and Lenin murdered between 1917 and 1953, only the Lord knows how many died for their Christian faith.
1948 Richare Wurmbrand and Harlan Popov their story of being tortured for Christ is well-known.
1951, in the early 50s, thousands of Chinese Christians are imprisoned or killed for refusing to join the Communist controlled National Christian Church.
1952, the Mexican Catholic Church persecutes Protestants as the archbishop of Mexico calls for priests to defeat the "hellish serpent" of Protestantism.
1956, Auca Indians kill five young missionaries.
1959, Nikita Khrushchev's government declares all unauthorized religious gatherings to be illegal. Over the next few years, Communist authorities martyr, or imprison untold numbers of Christians and take away believers' children.
1964, Sudan is declared a Muslim country, Christian missionaries are expelled, and war is waged on Christians.
1970, Muslim Sudanese troops burn a church on top of the church members they killed.
1975, The Khmer Rogue take over Cambodia. Among the 1 million killed, 10,000 were Cambodian Christians.
1977, Soviet and Cuban backed regime in traditionally Christian Ethiopia kill up to 150 civilians daily in July. "Priests and other church workers are hunted down like dogs."
1992 , Muslim militants go on a killing rampage in Nasser, Egypt, killing 14 Christians.
1994, China "ratchets up repression" against the non-state church. Evidently seeing Christianity as playing a role in the fall of the Soviet empire, China attempts to eradicate the underground churches.
1997, the Islamic Sudanese government uses helicopter gun ships to attack Christian gathering. Saudi Arabia beheads two Filipino Christians on fabricated charges, but actually for their faith.
1998, Indonesia, Muslim militia attacks Christians. On Ambon, 5,000 to 8,000 are dead, and half a million refugees forced to convert to Islam; 400 churches destroyed.
1999, the Sudanese government, in partnership with Talisman Energy and PetroChina (Canadian firm), begins developing oil fields in southern Sudan to finance the Muslim government's civil war against Christians and others in southern Sudan. Since the genocidal campaign began in the early 1980s, about 2 million people have been killed and another 4.5 million displaced by Sudanese government bombings of civilian targets.
2000, mostly Muslim mobs murder 21 Christians in a village 300 miles south of Cairo, while local security officials watch and take part.
2001, 2002, the torcures and murders continue in China and in Muslim countries.
(World, Special Edition, 5/7, 2002.)

For those desiring real "Holocaust education" and wanting to learn about the rise of anti-Christian incidents, request to be on the mailing list of FRONTLINE FELLOWSHIP NEWS PO BOX 74 NEWLANDS 7725 CAPE TOWN SOUTH AFRICA TEL: (021) 689-4480 FAX: (021) 685-5884 E-MAIL:

God help us to be genuinely broken over the world-wide "Holocaust" that continues against the Body of Christ.

17. Visit your Congressman.

Form a concerned citizen's group, and then make appointment to sit with your Congressman for an hour in his Washington office. Then rent a bus and go! He or She will see how seriously his constituents are about the Mideast issues.

Note: Christians should form concerned citizen's groups, exercise their rights, visit their Congressmen, and speak in defense of the suffering world-wide, e.g., China, which was given "Most Favored Nation" status despite its Christian persecution. Paul claimed his right as a Roman, and defended his faith in the "Gentile Jesus" he proclaimed. (Acts 22:25ff.)

18. Educate the Palestinian public. ...

19. Strive to be a better person.

Be nice to fellow Jews and fellow human beings. Before you go to sleep each night, go through your day, review your behavior, and resolve what you can do better. By setting an example of higher Jewish moral and ethical standards, we can strengthen the nation of Israel and by extension, the State of Israel.

Note: Christians should worry about their Christian testimony. "Did I do all things for the Glory of God today?" (I Cor. 10:31.)

20. Teshuva!

Ultimately, the reviving of our devotion to the Almighty is going to bring about the reviving of the land, and our people as a whole. If we can elevate ourselves even a little, it can arouse the Almighty's compassion and Jewish lives can be spared. Each individual who does teshuva brings Isra'el one step closer to redemption.

Note: There is NO redemption outside of Christ, whether national or individual:

Acts 4:12 Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved.

21. Post on the web.

There are hundreds of Palestinian websites devoted to spreading propaganda -- with pictures of starving Palestinian children and sites with blood dripping down your screen describing the "horror of massacres orchestrated by the fascist Israelis." Pro-Palestinian activists have flooded chat rooms, bulletin boards, and online comments sections. Speak up against individuals who spread lies, against the mobs who bomb synagogues in Europe, and against those who preach intolerance in our schools and universities. Be strong and take heart in the knowledge that all decent people are on Israel's side.

Note: There are unlimited sources of false "propaganda" against Christ and His followers. The Believer's call is to defend the faith. (Jude 3.) We should flood the chat rooms with the true Christian message.

22. Make a small repair.

If you've had an argument with someone, simply forgive them, and then ask God to forgive His people.

Note: Forgiveness is only through Christ, and for His sake alone, and there is no forgiveness from God apart from repentance and Christ. (Eph. 4:30ff.)

23. Donate blood.

When you are in Israel, donate blood. With all the recent attacks, there is a great shortage. To give blood is to give life, and shows a deep solidarity with Israel and the Jewish people.

Note: We should call for medical aid for the multitudes of Christians who are physically mutilated for their faith. (See < &>)

24. Fight child abuse. ...

25. Support Israeli citizens.

Show Israelis your support, love and friendship by writing letters, postcards and e-mails to everyone you know. Become an e-mail pen pal to someone in Israel.

Note: Support others in the Body of Christ in every way possible. Write letters of encouragement to those facing hatred for their faith. We have several on our mailing list from India, who could use a letter of encouragement.

26. Thank God for His many miracles.

Read the Jerusalem Post ( to see how almost every day suicide bombers and attacks are averted. And thank God!

Note: Keep up with the way God has and is delivering the Body of Christ from the jaws of death. Thank Him for watching over those for whom Christ died.

27. Organize an Israeli products fair.

In Denver, Christians and Jews have come together under "ActionIsrael" to sponsor what is called "Ben Yehudah Street in Denver." Shop owners in Jerusalem send some of their inventory and it is sold for them. This helps Jerusalem merchants keep their shops open and provide a living for their families during this terrible time. Thousands turned out for the first effort, and another is scheduled for April 21 at the JCC in Denver.

Note: Christians world-wide should organize to support the Body of Christ not only in Israel, but all over the world.

28. The merit of a mitzvah. (Noun. An 1816 word meaning a meritorious or charitable act according to Jewish law. <> ed.)

Before you do any one of the 613 mitzvot, have in mind that G-d should use this merit to help protect Isra'el.

Note: Our merit is the merit of the Lord Jesus Christ. God's kindness and love toward anyone is through Christ. (Titus 3:4-7. Though I have not studied Jediasm, it appears that it is a religion based upon merit. Those who claim to be followers of the "Jewish Messiah" yet cling to Judaism thus apparently are not depending wholly upon His merit.)

Psalms 33:12 Blessed is the nation whose God is the LORD; and the people whom he hath chosen for his own inheritance.

The God whose blessings are coveted can only be approached through the Lord Jesus Christ. Those nations rejecting Christ will be rejected by God as apostate. Israel is a pagan nation, for it officially rejects Christ.

29. Support Magen David Adom.

Israel's medical emergency service is severely financially strapped and in need of ambulances. Months of terror have stretched MDA to its maximum capacity, while exposing its rescue workers to extreme danger and great sacrifice. Get your synagogue or school to start a campaign to defray the cost of an ambulance. Or contribute on-line at: Jewish lives depend on it.

Note: The Body of Christ is financially strapped and in bad need of the means to carry out its commission to Christianize the nations of the world, as commanded to do by the "Gentile Jesus."

30. Aliyah! Make Israel your home.

You can have a great effect on what happens in Isra'el by living there. A large influx of educated, entrepreneurial Jews from Western countries will give Isra'el a major boost. Isra'el is the place where a Jew is truly at home and can maximize his/her Jewish potential. Start making plans to move when things quiet down (or even now if you're brave).

Note: Act and live like we are now citizens of a new city, whose builder and maker is God. (Heb. 11:10.)

31. Learn Hebrew.

Call your local synagogue and find out about Hebrew classes. This will build your bond with the Jewish people and the Land of Isra'el.

Note: Go to your local church where the Bible is taught, and your bond will be built with the Body of Christ. (Heb. 10:25, &c.) The followers of Christ are to learn the word of God and hide it in their hearts. (Ps. 119:11.)

32. Get the Israeli side.

There's a lot of misinformation out there. When an incident happens in Isra'el, visit the websites of the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs ( and the Israeli Defense Forces ( to get the Israeli side of the story.

Note: Find out what is taking place on the front lines of the Christian confrontations with the anti-Christ nations and religions of the world. The media is misinforming the population, totally ignoring the persecution of Christians world-wide. Apparently, the media does not feel that the persecution and murdering of Christians by the ungodly is worth reporting.

33. Learn Torah.

Through the learning of Torah, the world is brought to its senses and the Jewish people are protected. Make a commitment to a specific increase in the amount of time you learn each day. Attend a class about Judaism. Teach Torah to your children!

Note: Teach the entire word of God to our children, for it is the source of life and peace. Show how it commands and protects Christians. Attend, or even organize, classes teaching the entire word of God.

34. Contact the president.

Call or email President Bush daily or weekly, to commend his support for Israel in the common fight against terrorism, and respectfully urge him to allow Isra'el to take vigorous action to defend itself. Write a short, personal email with a subject line like: "Thank you for standing with Israel." Every call, letter, and fax is counted. Send email to:, or call the White House comment line at: 202-456-1111 ,or 202-456-1414.

Note: Call or email the President and others in authority about your concern over the anti-Christian activity, particularly in countries that receive untold US dollars in US aid.

35. Support Israeli soldiers.

Write a letter and express appreciation for their self-sacrifice in valiantly defending our people and our land. You can even send a care package to a soldier with a holiday gift, etc.

Note: There are men on the front line of the Christian battles against the antichrist forces of the world. We should do all we can in their support.

36. Fight terror.

For the civilized world to survive, terrorism must be stopped. Some would appease Arab countries who supply oil. Call on your government leaders to make policy decisions based on what is morally correct, not economically expedient. Show people the PBS video documentary: "Jihad in America" by Steven Emerson. It's a real eye-opener.

Note that the US used terror to get the president of Servia to resign. The North used terror to defeat the South in the Northern War of Aggression, e.g., Sherman.

37. Distribute literature on college campuses.

There is an urgent need to counter the virulent wave on anti-Semitism and pro-Palestinian activism on college campuses. Print and distribute literature on campuses highlighting Israel's humanitarian achievements, democracy and ethnic diversity. One group working on this front is

Note: The wave of anti-Christian activism on college campuses should be a genuine concern of all Christians. Good Christian literature is urgently needed to counter the vast wave of antichrist feeling on college campuses.

38. Recite Psalms. ...

39. Reach out.

At such difficult times, Jews need to reach out to one another. Invite an unaffiliated Jew to Shabbat dinner. People are open to their heritage and feel the need to connect.

Note: "Go ye therefore, and teach all nations" about Christ.

40. Register and vote.

Elected officials analyze voting registration and voter turnout carefully, and make decisions accordingly. If you are not already registered to vote, contact your local Board of Elections and ask for a voter registration application, and be sure to vote in the upcoming elections.

Note: Politicians will listen to the loudest voice. The "Christian" though for the last 150 years has been influenced by the "It is a sin to vote" idea from J.N. Darby. We need to let our concerns for the Body of Christ be heard in the voting booth.

41. Invest. Buy stocks on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange.

Help Israeli companies obtain venture capital funds. You can even buy an Isra'el Bond for as little as $136.

Note: Matthew 6:19 Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon earth, where moth and rust doth corrupt, and where thieves break through and steal: 20 But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust doth corrupt, and where thieves do not break through nor steal: Invest in God's kingdom of work in here and now.

42. Stop carnage on the roads. ...

Work to end the terrible traffic accidents in the land of Isra'el which claim 600 lives each year. It is absurd that while we fight against terror, there are tragedies which are completely in our own hands and we refuse to take the necessary steps to stop them.

Note: What about the alcohol related deaths in the US?

43. Sponsor educational forums.

Offer a crash course in the Mideast conflict at your local JCC, synagogue, or community college.

Note: Educate others of your circle of influence of the terrible attacks upon the Body of Christ.

44. Show both sides of the refugee issue.

In conversations and in the media, emphasize how the Arab states have mistreated the Palestinians -- refusing to grant them citizenship in order to keep the "refugee" issue an open wound. Raise the issue of how 600,000 Jews were driven out of Arab lands during Israel's independence and forced to abandon their property, with no right of return or compensation ever extended to these Jewish refugees.

Note: We should be calling attention to the multitude of Christian refugees who have had to flee from Communist and Muslim murderers. (See #7 & #15.)

45. Hold governments accountable.

Write and call (and boycott if necessary) any governments that are complicit in anti-Semitic and anti-Isra'el activities. Educate the public about the inconsistency of the European Union stand. Why would democracies -- who support human rights -- not speak out against virulent Arab hate speech? Protest at the consulates of those countries who have minimized the anti-Semitic activities taking place in their countries.

Note: We should put our money where our mouth is. We should hold, even with boycotts, those accountable who speak against Christ and His body. There is a group working towards this end:,, Check them out.

46. Help Israel get better spokespeople.

Palestinian spokespeople are persuasive and articulate, but Israeli spokespeople are sometimes less so. Compile a list of Israeli spokespeople, and run an on-line poll, asking people to vote for their favorite. Then inform the Israeli government of the results, so they know who to get the networks to interview in the future. Israelis need to know how they come across to the American TV viewer!

Note: We should be in prayer that the Lord would raise up better "spokespeople" to represent Himself in the public eye men who will not compromise the message of the word of God. (Rom. 16:13, Phil. 3:19. I understand that Virginia has a law making it illegal for churches there to incorporate, for that makes a church a state church. However, Falwell challenged that law, and won, so he can now incorporate. I know not his reasoning behind that move.)

47. Get a clear definition of terrorism.

September 11 united the civilized world against terrorism. Concerned citizens should agree on a strong definition of terror, one that encompasses September 11 terrorists and also suicide bombers. Once agreed upon, there should be a mass campaign to get Congress and the White House to make this definition official -- to the point of using it to dictate policy. Once everyone is clear about what is "terrorism," support for Israel will grow much stronger. And let Congressional leaders know that you do not agree with the double standard that has been set in fighting terror -- one for America, another for Isra'el.

Note: We should have a clear definition of our enemy. The enemy is the devil, and sin. The enemy is all around us he is the prince of the power of the air, and he now worketh in the children of disobedience that is, in those who are disobedient to the gospel of Christ, e.g., the modern "Jews," Muslims" and others who deny the Christ of the Bible. (Eph. 2:2.)

48. Hold prayer rallies.

Communal prayer is more powerful than any individual can muster. The New York community is holding a massive pray gathering on Sunday, April 21 at 2:30 p.m. in Manhattan.

Note: Pray without ceasing. The Body of Christ should be gathering to pray one for another, particularly for those facing the sword for their faith. (I Thes. 5:11-22, &c.)

49. Support Israeli artists. ...

50. Sign up for solidarity. is a website to enable people around the world to express support for the State of Isra'el. One million people have already signed up. The text will be presented to ambassadors in every country and published in the media.

Note: There should be a web site, "" to enable people around the world to show support for the suffering Body of Christ, world-wide.

51. Say the Shema.

The Shema is like the Jewish "pledge of allegiance," a declaration of faith to One G-d and an affirmation of commitment to Isra'el and the Jewish people. It is the first prayer that Jewish children are taught to say. It is the last words a Jew says prior to death. It is the ultimate expression of Jewish conviction, the historic proclamation of Judaism's central creed. It is traditionally said twice each day: once in the morning and once at night.

Note: Christians must pledge their commitment to the Body of Christ, and His chosen people, the Elect. Our first and last prayer should be, "Lord make me and other Believers more like Christ." (Rom. 8:28ff.)

52. Cast your vote. ...

53. Yearn for redemption.

The Torah tells us that for the Jews in Egypt, it wasn't until "We cried out to G-d, that He heard our voice and saw our affliction." We had to hit rock-bottom, to see there was no other option but to turn to G-d. If need be, G-d will bring every force against us, and strip us bare of every possible escape, in order to bring us the realization that He is the only answer we will ever have. Actively yearn for the redemption and the coming of Moshiach. This conflict will probably not end till he comes, so we must be crying out for His return!


It was their false hope of deliverance from Rome by the promised Messiah that caused the Jews of 70 AD to fight against Rome: But now, what did the most to elevate them in undertaking this war [against Rome, which led to their total destruction, ed .], was an ambiguous oracle that was also found in their sacred writings, how, "about that time, one from their country should become governor of the habitable earth." The Jews took this prediction to belong to themselves in particular and many of the wise men were thereby deceived in their determination. Now, this oracle certainly denoted the government of Vespasian, who was appointed emperor in Judea. However, it is not possible for men to avoid fate, although they see it beforehand. But these men interpreted some of these signals according to their own pleasure; and some of them they utterly despised, until their madness was demonstrated, both by the taking of their city and their own destruction. (Josephus, Wars, Bk VI, Chap. V.4. See Hengstenberg's Christology of the Old Testament, 1201, for further study on the restored "Jewish Hope," Zionism. The early church fathers contended Christians the true Jews, e.g., Justin, Ante- Nicene Fathers, I . 2 0 7 f f . , e . g . , "CHAP CXIII. RIDICULOUS INTERPRETATIONS OF THE JEWS. CHRISTIANS ARE THE TRUE ISRAEL," 261. Hastings also points out that Israel's dream was that Jahweh would reign in Zion over his people: "It is not something quite new, but a glorification of the old." Ethics, s.v. "Kingdom of God." That hope kept the insurrection alive despite Rome's armies surrounding the Temple. That ancient hope is alive today in dispensationalism, i.e., "Protestant Zionism.")
The hope of a Messiah to exalt a restored Jewish nation over the world still lived as the rebellious Jews perished in the flames that engulfed the Temple and then Jerusalem. Lacunza revived that hope. Throughout Wars, Josephus says that Rome moved against Jerusalem because of the Jews' rebellion against God. (Death of the Church Victorious, p. 73.)

And the religion is still in rebellion against God, for the Jewish religion rejects Christ.

54. Protect the unborn in Isra'el

It is horrible that in many Israeli hospitals more Jewish babies are aborted than given the opportunity to live. Support and pray for the the pro-life movement in Isra'el.

Note: America, a supposedly Christian country, has been a leader in the abortion field. Furthermore, it is financing abortions around the world with "foreign aid," as well as "Most Favored Nation" status for China, which has forced abortions. Pro-life movements are to be supported by Christians, no matter where the movements are.

55. Brainstorm.

Get a group of friends together and spend one hour brainstorming for more ideas how you can help Israel.

Note: Groups of Christians should gather and brainstorm for ideas how to support those for whom Christ died world-wide.

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Missionary David Livingstone - the Secret of his Success

David Livingstone, the Scottish missionary to Africa who lived from 1813 to 1873, is probably the most famous Christian missionary of the 19th Century. Many people who recognize his name could probably not name any other missionary of that period.

He was famous during his lifetime also, receiving the acclaim of the British people, the sponsorship of British church leaders and government, and the affection of the African people. On his rare visits to Britain, the people flocked to hear his lectures and buy his books.

OUT OF AFRICA. When he had not been heard from for some years, the New York Herald sent reporter Henry Stanley to track him down, resulting in the famous salutation, "Dr. Livingstone, I presume." When he died, he was buried in Westminster Abbey, by a nation in mourning.

When his brother John Livingstone died, he was the richest man in Perth County, Ontario, but his very brief obituary noted mainly that "He was the brother of David Livingstone, the famous Scottish missionary explorer." Today no one has heard of John Livingstone, while the name of David Livingstone lives on with eternal fame. More than 90 years after his death, his portrait appeared on the front of the Beatles' "Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club" album.

Some have questioned whether Livingstone deserved all this fame. In 32 years of ministry in Africa, he never planted a single church. In fact, he had only one convert in all that time, Chief Sechele, who later denied the faith and went back to paganism.

Some would judge Livingstone's ministry as a miserable failure. Livingstone himself must have felt that way at times. What kept him going, in spite of a total lack of visible results?

THE VISION THING. What kept Livingstone going was his conviction that he was laying a foundation for a great harvest of souls in Africa in the future. He was willing to endure perils of disease, of violent natives, of slave traders, and of wild beasts, because he had a future-oriented vision of Christian victory.

He wrote, "Discoveries and inventions are culminative . . . filling the earth with the glory of the Lord, all nations will sing His glory and bow before Him . . . our work and its fruit are culminative.

"We work towards a new state of things. Future missionaries will be rewarded by conversions for every sermon. We are their pioneers and helpers . . . Let them not forget the watchmen of the night, who worked when all was gloom and no evidence of success in the way of conversions cheers our path. They will doubtless have more light than we, but we serve our Master earnestly and proclaim the same Gospel as they will do.

" . . . A quiet audience today. The seed is being sown, the least of all seeds now, but it will grow into a mighty tree. It is as if it were a small stone cut out of a mountain, but it will fill the whole earth (Daniel 2:34-45).

" . . . We work for a glorious future which we are not destined to see, the golden age which has not yet been, but will yet be. We are only morning stars shining in the dark, but the glorious morn will break - the good time coming yet.

" . . . The dominion has been given by the power of commerce and population unto the people of the saints of the Most High. This is an everlasting kingdom, a little stone cut out of the mountain without hands which will cover the whole earth; for this time we work."

It was this vision, this sense that he was contributing to a glorious future for Christianity in Africa, that kept going.

Some may feel that Livingstone was a fool, sacrificing his life for nothing. They may thing, "Didn't he know that things are meant to get worse and worse until the Lord comes?"

Apparently Livingstone didn't know that. When he passed through the region of Northern Rhodesia, now called Zambia, there was not a single Christian there.

Today 78% of the people of Zambia are professing Christians, and this figure includes large numbers of Baptists and other evangelicals. By decree of the government, Zambia is an officially Christian nation, one of the very few such in the world. Christianity Today has observed that Christian Zambia is David Livingstone's legacy. One of Zambia's largest cities proudly bears the name Livingstone.

Wouldn't it be wonderful if modern Christians could be imbued with this same vision and future orientation that Livingstone had! What marvelous results we might see for the progress of Christianity.

WHERE THERE IS NO VISION, THE PEOPLE . . . GET LAZY. At the same time that Livingstone was devotedly laboring for the Lord in Africa, there was in England a commune of the followers of the Rev. H.L. Prince, living in a community called "Agapemone." They were not busy serving the Lord at all.

They had been taught that the day of grace was past, and that there was nothing more that could be done for the Lord in that dispensation. As described by Charles Mander in "The Reverend Prince and His Abode of Love," "the more opulent faithful were free to do absolutely nothing, except wait about for Armageddon."

In 1867 the colony was visited by Hepworth Dixon, who attempted to find out what religious activities the faithful were involved in. "You hold," Dixon asked the Reverend Prince, "that the day of grace is past.

"We know," Prince answered in his wisdom, "that the day of grace is past; that Christ has left the mercy-seat; and that the day of judgment is at hand."

"You expect the world to pass away?"

"The world is no more," Prince answered, without batting an eyelid "God has withdrawn from it His own."

"Do you, then, hold that all mankind beyond these walls - the millions after millions of men and women, will all be lost?"

"It is God's will, not ours. Has it not always been so? How many were sheltered in the ark? Was any man called save Abraham and his seed? How many men did Jesus draw aside unto Himself?"

Dixon asked one of the faithful, "What have you done since the day of judgment?"

"Not much, at least, not much that you would consider work. We have sent through the foreign ambassadors a letter, each in his own tongue, to the kings and peoples of the earth, making known to all men that flesh is saved from death. If men will not hear us, what are we to do?"

"You teach?"
"Not much."
"Feed the poor?"
"Send out missions?"

"How do you pass the time?" Dixon asked despairingly.

"We have no time."

"You rise at dawn, you sleep at dark; how do you enjoy the intervals?"

"We eat and drink, we wait on God. It is not for us to force his steps. In his own time the end will come."

The author Mander concludes that "There was not, it appears, all that much that the faithful could do, except sit tight, put their trust in Beloved and wait hopefully for the next dispensation."

These crackpots of Agapemone are long dead and gone, but we are in danger of creating a new generation of indolent, dispirited do-nothing believers, if we give our followers the impression that nothing more can be accomplished for the Lord until the Rapture.

GONE CAMPING. For instance, Harold Camping, president of Family Radio, who predicted that the Rapture would come in September, 1994, has more recently announced (in September, 2001) that the Great Commission can no longer be fulfilled today, that all true churches have died out of the earth, that baptism and the Lord's Supper are no longer to be observed, and that everyone should leave the churches and do nothing while we wait for the Rapture.

According to the Wall Street Journal more than 100 churches on Long Island, New York have lost members who have left their churches, in obedience to the teaching of Family Radio that all churches are now apostate. The same exodus from the churches is taking place all over the country.

It has been reported that a few churches have already dissolved as a result of Camping's teaching. Those who support his teaching would say that it does not matter what happens to the churches, because we are so close to the Rapture that there is no more work to be done in this dispensation. But isn't that what the followers of H.L. Prince at Agapemone thought in 1867? (See Camping out, A radio evangelist tells Christians to stay away from Churches. World magazine, 4/20/02. Ed.)

Most preachers have not pushed their teaching on end-times doom and gloom to such extremes as Camping has done. But there are some who may have given the impression that there is nothing more to be done except watch the alleged "signs of the times" and the so-called "countdown to Armageddon." They may have deprived their people of their burden and vision for the future, so that they are no longer inspired to make the kind of sacrifices that David Livingstone did.

This may help to explain why so many Christians today are. lethargic and apathetic, and do not want to do anything for the Lord. (And we might add, unwilling to finance the Lord's work. Ed.)

No one wants to put himself to any stress or strain on behalf of a lost cause. If Christians believe that there is nothing more to do here but wait to be evacuated from the planet, in preparation for the next dispensation, then they will not be inspired to leave a legacy and foundation of Christian ministry for future generations, as Livingstone did.

Based on the promises of the Word of God, Livingstone believed, against all odds, that the best days of Christianity were still in the future. Time has proved him to be correct, while the doomsayers like Camping have always turned out to be wrong.


We have 2 choices; we can self-destruct our churches with the doomsday delusions of men like Camping. Or we can build for the future, as Livingstone did.

Dr. Livingstone, I presume, would tell us that there is plenty of work to be done for the Lord in our day and age. So, let's roll.

Notable Quotable

"Yes, the pessimists say the world is falling apart, and there is nothing we can do about it. However, when we think of our relationship with God through our Savior Jesus Christ, we have incredible stability and an exciting opportunity to make a difference in the world. We have the assurance, "Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, and to day, and forever." Hebrews 13:8." -Jerry Burnaman, in Baptist Progress.


The following are excerpts from Jeff Pollard's excellent book, Christian Modesty and the Public Undressing of America.

It is available from us or from Mt. Zion Publications, 850 438 6666.

We will send it to you free of charge, though would ask for you to include a little for postage, though not required. This is an excellent book on how the ladies underwear industry convinced American women to wear their underwear on the outside in clear view of the world. They colored it, and told women that this was the style. I have not included the documentation in the following, but Mr. Pollard documents every thing he says. His primary sources are documents from the undergarment industry itself.

Every woman should read this, and those with daughters still at home should especially read it, and have their girls read it also. The following is from the book, unless stated otherwise. I have not put the reference page numbers, because the statements will be easily found if you read the book. Nor have I reproduced his research footnotes concerning word meanings, &c. It is an easy to read, 45 page booklet.

Mr. Pollard:

Therefore, since modesty has several definitions, we will draw ours from the Biblical material: Christian modesty is the inner self-government, rooted in a proper understanding of one's self before God, which outwardly displays itself in humility and purity from a genuine love for Jesus Christ, rather than in self-glorification or self-advertisement. Christian modesty then will not publicly expose itself in sinful nakedness. ...

God used this literal event to teach us a spiritual truth. He replaced Adam and Eve's loincloths with "tunics of skin." Although Adam covered his loins, God covered him from his neck to his knees. This is not insignificant: the work of Adam's hands was not acceptable to God either spiritually (his works righteousness) or physically (his nakedness); only the covering that God Himself provided was sufficient for both. While Adam covered his privates, the Lord covered Adam's body. Alsop observed that "our first parents, in that hasty provision which they made against their shame, took care only for aprons: but God who had adequate conceptions of their wants, and what was necessary to supply them; of the rule of decency, and what would fully answer it provided for them coats; that so the whole body . . . might be covered, and concealed."

Though we have no "snapshots" of Adam and Eve's apparel, the word coats is consistently used throughout the O.T. to mean a tunic-like garment. Coats in Gen 3:21 is kuttonet from an unused root meaning to cover. ...

Here lay the heart of the challenge [to the garment industry, ed.]: with men and women freely swimming and playing together in the water, there had to be a garment that would liberate the body for movement. Yet woven into the fabric of our society were the vestiges of a Biblically-influenced modesty. The Christian perspective emanated from the Scriptural account that God gave garments to cover the body, but the demand for greater body movement required this new garment to uncover the body. Fashion designers understood that this seaworthy apparel would have to conceal, yet they well knew that to give its wearers liberty of movement, it would by its very nature reveal. "This amphibious costume would have to be something of a sartorial paradox, a form of undress that functioned as a symbol of dress." Once men and women were no longer segregated in their seaside activities, an inevitable aquatic striptease began. The remaining attempts to retain some trace of modesty and yet liberate the arms and legs explains why early swimwear had the awkward and bulky appearance that our culture presently finds so amusing. Nevertheless, we must not miss this point: these early, funny looking swimsuits were, at least for a time, an attempt to continue the time honored, Christian ideal of covering the body. ...

Fashion designers did not view swimwear as simply functional garments with a specific use like overalls. They envisioned their creations as highly fashionable garments, and therefore designed them both to reveal and arouse. What they clearly understood is that this new aquatic garment was merely a symbol of dress. This is why swimwear ultimately evolved into a form of nakedness thinly disguised as dress. Moreover, they were aware that they were undressing the American public and constantly challenged the legal limits of public nakedness. I challenge you, dear reader: read the books penned by the fashion industry; read their histories of the trade; you will discover that fashion's guiding perspective is often sexual attraction, not the Word of God. And this is an underlying theme in this article: instead of being guided by God's Word, the voice from heaven, American culture is driven by Fashion, the voice of fallen men. ...

Though the Word of God commands, "And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God," the American fashion industry began to ape European fashion.

Swimwear manufacturers knew exactly the course they planned to follow, and it wasn't the Word of God: ". . . in part thanks to the influence of the more daringly cut French swimsuits, the American bathing costume underwent a revolution. Until that time, bathing attire had been modeled on streetwear . . . by the 1890s, however, underwear began a relentless if slow migration outward that would come to a full, triumphal exposure in the bikini of the 1960s" It should be no surprise then for us to learn that "what the conceivers of the suit strove to suppress was the natural association between underwear and swimwear, a cogent and undeniable comparison. It was also true that the women's swimwear industry in its early stages was closely affiliated with the bra and girdle industry, just as men's wear for swimming was intimately, as it were, connected with the underwear business."

The reasons for this "suppression" should be obvious: undergarments have a blatantly erotic appeal. And American culture, with its "decency" theory of clothing, was not prepared in those days for such a flagrant display of sensuality. Clearly the purpose underlying swimwear design was exposing human anatomy in a more sensual package. This could not be successfully achieved on the streets of the city. But in the name of recreation and especially sports, an amazing dichotomy of thought began to permeate our society. At the turn of the century, what was naked and lewd in the city was suddenly perfectly justifiable and permissible at the beach.

This should make the child of God think. This shift from streetwear to underwear as a model certainly can't be defended as a move toward modesty. Moreover, in the name of sports, recreation, and following suit with European fashion, Americans began legitimizing public nakedness.

As one account aptly puts it: "The history of the American swimsuit is the square- inch-by-square-inch story of how skin went public in modern times."

During the 30s "the upper torso became the new focus of concern, and male swimmers who bared their chests in public not only forfeited respectability but faced the penalty of arrest as well . . . . the `nude look' in swimsuits made a mockery of the laws. Apparel Arts in 1932 reported that `many of the bathers of this year . . . swam shirtless, wearing only a pair of Trunks."' Swimwear designers "fashionably" pressured men to go topless and offered them two-piece swimwear. This "Depression Suit," as it was called, had a removable shirt which could be tucked in, buttoned, or attached to the trunks with a zipper. This was no small contest in the long civil war for modesty: "For nearly three decades, a battle of decency, decision, and decree were fought at the water's edge. In the fourth decade, women's bathing attire changed little in terms of decency, but men's chests became the new field of skirmish . . . Hollywood's men went topless in the 1930s (though airbrushed into the 1950s to avoid the brutality of body hair), and the nation-wide trend, expressing physique while suggesting sensuality, followed with alacrity." In other words, when swimwear designers and their Hollywood connections pressured men into the strip show, they eagerly cast off their tops along with their manhood. Why? Because they followed their hearts instead of God's Word. It's what they wanted.

Guilt for this decaying and debauched state must not be laid entirely at the feet of women, as it often is. The problem lies squarely with the men in the pulpits and homes of this nation. With the near dissolution of Christian manhood in this century, American males have become feminized sex-worshipers who do not lead, but are led. They have followed their silver-screen icons into nudity, and not the purity of Jesus Christ. Had they followed the God of holiness and governed their hearts and eyes as instructed by God's Word, the present lascivious culture simply would not and could not exist. Nevertheless, any who dare to speak against public nakedness are quickly decried as legalists, Pharisees, and worst of all -fundamentalists. How pathetic that so many pulpits and youth groups today are governed by the desires of the women and children of the congregation and not the Word of God. As the Prophet Isaiah said of his day, "This is a rebellious people, lying children, children that will not hear the law of the LORD: Which say to the seers, See not; and to the prophets, Prophesy not unto us right things, speak unto us smooth things, prophesy deceits" (30:9,10). ...

We live in a pornographic society. Nevertheless, the children of God are called to purity and holiness. Perhaps because they are drowning in the ecstasy of a sexually debauched culture, some preachers gaze upon its endless parade of sensuality and conclude that swimsuits, short skirts, and other immodest clothing aren't so bad after all. Accordingly, some pastors and youth leaders urge young women to wear "modest, one piece" swimsuits before they lead them to the beach. However, I hope by now it is clear that such a thing is fiction. "People are more body-conscious these days," explained Peggy Gay, a beachwear buyer for Saks Fifth Avenue during the summer of 1977, "and there is a certain sleek sexiness in a one-piece that doesn't exist in a two-piece." This is undeniable. Modern one piece suits are true masterpieces of sensual camouflage, because most women's bodies simply cannot slake the public's thirst for the perfect figure. A one-piece is designed to make the best of "what a woman has." If you doubt that, read your local department store advertisements:


See the difference the right fit can make!

Our Fit Specialists are specially trained and ready to help you determine your correct swimsuit size. They know how to select a suit that really fits through the hips, waist, and bust. And we have a specialist in every store. *******'s takes the guessing out of selecting swimwear. We know that when you are choosing the bare minimum, you want a fit that plays up your assets, not one that calls attention to those less-than-perfect areas . . . on every hang tag, you'll find one or more colored dots to help you find the suit that best flatters your figure."

Bare minimum? Best flatters your figure? What "assets" are you "playing up," ladies? Does this sound like a garment that promotes inner self-government which outwardly displays itself in humility and purity from a genuine love for Jesus Christ? Or is this the very essence of self-glorification and self-advertisement? ...

End of my quotes from Mr. Pollard.

I have only given you about 6 random pages out of this 45 page book. Husbands should read this, and then see that their wives and daughters do not parade around in their underwear.

In my 30 years in the ministry, I have encountered even "Christian" husbands who want their wives to wear revealing clothing. Please explain to me why a man would want his wife and daughter(s) to appear in public in the nude.

Even harder to understand is the permission granted from pastors and youth leaders to let their young ladies wear their colored underwear in public, just because there is water present.

Let me urge you to order the book from us.

The Biblical Examiner
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Bentonville VA 22610

Good as Gold!

Biblical Money in a Modern World

"Differing weights and differing measures, both of them are abominable to the Lord." -Proverbs 20:10

As a teenager, I was introduced to the writings of economist Dr. Gary North. Through Dr. North, I learned the proper definition of money. Money is not bits of paper with pictures of politicians printed on them. Money is also not simply anything to which people ascribe value. A car is not money. A house is not money.

Money is a unit of exchange, which carries the least transaction cost. Something will become money if it's easily recognizable, intrinsically valuable, and cheap to use. The dollar bills that are in my wallet are intrinsically worth only the paper on which they are printed. But because I, and others, ascribe a certain value to my bills, and because they are relatively cheap to use, we refer to them as money.

Some of my friends, who, like me, wish the Federal Reserve would simply disappear, will try to convince me that paper money is not real money. But this is not true. The green paper in my wallet meets the requirements in order to be money (but barely). Dollars are instantly recognizable. If I show a dollar bill to my 3 year-old, he will instantly recognize it as "money." My bills also contain some sort of value. I don't understand why people will work so hard for pieces of paper, but they do. My dollars are also relatively inexpensive to use. However, there are several problems with the dollar that make it a less and less attractive form of currency (more on this later).

Old Money

If you were born before 1930 (or paid attention in history class), you automatically know that precious metals were once used as the most common form of money. Gold and silver coin had all the qualifications of money. They were easily recognizable, they had intrinsic value, and they were relatively cheap to use (you could simply give a merchant a gold coin, and the transaction was complete).

For reasons that are hard for me to understand, President Franklin D. Roosevelt was successful in making private gold ownership illegal in the 1930s. It was only during the Ford administration in the mid-1970s that Americans could once again purchase gold. But since gold had been divorced from the U.S. dollar for a generation, there were few voices demanding a revival of the gold standard.

But history is not mocked. Divorced from any neutral standard of value and now a slave to artificial manipulation, the dollar cannot be looked to as a long-term symbol of financial security. With interest rates in the basement, people are seeing their savings accounts and CDs stagnate. Add to this constant, creeping inflation, and you have a dollar that is becoming more and more expensive to use as money.

The Solution

What the world needs today is a return to a gold-backed currency. Today, I am happy to report that gold-backed currency exists and is thriving.

Back in 1996, an oncologist in Florida quit his practice to take a ride on a miracle called the Internet. His name was Douglas Jackson, and he saw the Internet as offering the platform on which a new, worldwide currency could be operated. This new currency would be backed 100 percent by gold or other precious metals. He named his currency "e-gold."

Mr. Jackson was not the first person to develop the idea of digital-gold currencies. A man named James Turk had successfully obtained a patent for digital gold currencies years before. But Doug Jackson was the first person to take the theory and provide the world with a working model.

Today, there are several different gold-backed currencies available on the market. Most offer their customers a totally private, secure, and inexpensive way to use gold as money again. You can learn more about these currencies by visiting

Surprisingly, the news media has been very slow to pick up on this new revolution in money. Less than six years ago, an oncologist in Melbourne, Florida, started his own gold-backed currency, and it is now used by hundreds of thousands of people in over 100 countries. You would think that such a story would interest readers. E-gold is also one of the few Internet companies that came out of the bust shining like a new penny. E-gold has always operated in the black. They now process over $3 million worth of gold every day. By the end of the year, they expect to process over $2 billion in gold.

There are now several gold-backed currencies offering debit cards to their account holders. This means you can hedge your investment portfolio in gold, yet be able to instantly liquidate it at a local ATM if you need cash. You can also take your gold debit card to Wal-Mart and use it at the POS terminals at the checkout line.

Digital Gold vs. Dollars

Why should you consider using gold-backed currencies? For one thing, it's cheaper than using dollars. Think back to how we defined money at the beginning of this article. Money has to be recognizable. Money has to have intrinsic value. Money has to be inexpensive to use. Digital gold wins on all counts.

Digital Gold is Universally Recognized.

It does not matter which country you visit, everybody there knows what gold is. Everybody there knows that gold is valuable.

Digital-Gold holds Intrinsic Value.

Recently, the dollar has been seen as a hedge by other industrialized countries. Argentinans have been converting their savings into U.S. dollars, because their peso has inflated itself into oblivion. But the U.S. dollar is a political currency as well as the Argentine peso and is subject to political manipulation.

Gold, on the other hand, is subject to the forces of supply and demand. If there is a high demand for gold, its value will increase. If there is low demand, its price will drop. This market-driven force has made gold the most stable currency in the world.

Digital gold is always 100 percent backed by the real thing. When you buy digital gold, you are buying ownership (like stock) in real gold bullion that is stored in secure vaults across the globe. Every reputable gold currency posts the results of frequent inventory audits, so customers can see that their gold is still there. If you want to take delivery on your gold, the companies will send you coins or bars equivalent to the weight that you own.

Digital Gold is Extremely Cheap to Use.

The cost to "spend" digital gold to someone is anywhere from 0 to 50 cents per transaction. This is a flat fee on any size spend. And there are no borders. If you need to send money fast to someone overseas, you will spend at least $40 for a traditional bank wire. You spend 0 to 50 cents with digital gold. You also don't pay for currency conversions. If someone wants to "cash in" his digital gold for dollars, or euros or whatever, there are exchange providers all over the world ready to do it. And most will do it for free. Some will even pay you for the privilege. I recently sold some of my e-gold to an exchange agent, who paid me 1% over spot price. How many exchange agents will pay you to exchange your dollars for yen? Digital gold is cheaper than using traditional fiat currency.

But that's not all

Digital gold is extremely private. Don't forget, these are private currencies that operate outside of the traditional banking paradigm. Since most governments currently treat gold as a commodity, not a currency, governments don't regulate the trafficking of metals like they do currencies. "Know your customer" regulations apply only as far as the individual digital gold currency wants it to go. That means that some currencies require you to give detailed personal information, while others require only a name and an e-mail address.


The miracle of the Internet has made gold money again. It is extremely cheap to use, and it is extremely secure. If you are ready to create your own gold account, either as an extremely liquid hedge on your portfolio, or just another spending account, you can visit (Gold Mountain Exchange, 334-701-0682). This company will show you how to set up your own account and begin your journey towards more financial freedom and security.

Matthew Chancey
Matt is married to Bettie's oldest daughter, Jennie.

Continued to Part Three